April, flowers, and therapy

It’s time to celebrate Yellow and Orange!
I haven’t yet made any plans for this month’s Project Spectrum, beyond the postcard swap, but I’m sure something will come to me before long. The daffodils along my driveway are a nice inspiration, though.
I’ve been working on my first Rockin’ Sock Club KAL sock. I decided not to knit the pattern that came with the beautiful yarn. No reason, except that feel like I want to stick to my Stockinette Meditation Program. Round after round, inch after inch, with a short break for an Eye of Partridge heel; just what I need right now. The colorway is called “Rainforest Jasper,” but it reminds me of the way marsh grasses look on a bright September afternoon, intense golden brown against the deep blue water and sky. I can smell the salty air now…

I’m also making progress on the cotton Clapotis. More Stockinette Meditation, plus the dropped stitch thing that keeps it interesting (dropping stitches on purpose is so radical and therapeutic!). The colors in this yarn seem neutral, but there’s a pretty intense golden orange in there that I really like. If this does turn out to be the perfect birthday gift for my sister, I know she’ll like it, too.

Thank you all for your kind comments on my Sunny Day shawl! I’m still infatuated with it, if that’s the right word. It was such a satisfying project on every level, and I made it during a time in which I went from feeling powerful stress and deep sadness to being calmer, happier, and more peaceful. It’s all in there, the whole range of emotions and resolutions, so when I wear it I feel like I’m wrapped in much more than yarn.

See what I mean?

7 thoughts on “April, flowers, and therapy

  1. What lovely projects you have going! The daffodil is a beautiful shot o the hope of spring. 🙂 I’m so glad that your Clapotis is bringing you such joy as you wear it.


  2. What a lovely smile someone is wearing with your clapoti. I think it’s a thing of beauty.Yellow and Orange month. Hmmm. The Daffodil is a sweet reminder of spring and renewal. Thank you.


  3. The picture of you wearing your Sunny Day shawl is great – beaming sunny days right on out at us!Love the EoP heel on your sock, too.


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