In which Jane reveals her true agenda

Edited on June 28, 2006:

I’ve removed my original entry. It consisted mainly of a bestseller list, which seemed to be of interest to an author or two whose books happened to appear alongside the knitting books.

If you found your way here via an author’s website, you’re welcome to visit, but all you’ll find is knitting.

Hmm… come to think of it, have you thought about learning to knit?

7 thoughts on “In which Jane reveals her true agenda

  1. Yes! We bookish folk will move the world! Just check out the collection of knitting books that has found its way into my library! Heh heh heh – more more more. There can never be enough knitting books!bwa ha haaaaaa


  2. You aren’t out of the “One Skein” book yet are you? ACK — have to go out today guess I will be stopping by later. And just a note — Amagansett is a pretty good book — enjoyed it more for the fact I knew almost everywhere they mentioned and could figure a few people characters were based on 😀


  3. I’m pretty sure Knitting Rules has made it to ours, but I’d need to check. I see you haven’t given in to pressure and moved the Frey book to fiction. I figure the guy’s a jerk, but no more of a liar (in print, anyway) than most memoir-writers.


  4. It’s too late in the day. I read amyartizan’s post about OneSkein, and thought it said One Skin, so went back to try to find it on the list, thinking all the time,”What’s skin got to do with Kitting?” I should get some sleep.


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