Yellow and orange make spring

Winsor Lemon, Winsor Yellow, New Gamboge, and Cadmium Red. Add Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, and French Ultramarine, and you have it: Project Spectrum, at Graves Mountain Lodge last November. Taking this picture made me want to paint. I love my little paint box, really I do.
Cadmium Yellow Lemon, Cadmium Yellow, Orange, Light Yellow Ochre, Cream, and Cinnamon are a Project Spectrum recipe for playing with pastels. These are fresh, untried soft pastels that I got just so I’d be able to play.

Lemon Yellow, Yellow, Orange, and Yellow Ochre just might make a Project Spectrum Postcard fit the theme for April. I’ve had these Caran D’Ache watercolor pencils since I went to college, a gift from my big brother. They still work just fine, even though they’ll be 34 this year. He might not understand very much about me, but he got this part right, and I treasure them.


In Knitting News: Not Much Going On Around Here

Will someone please tell me where the week has gone? It’s already Wednesday. I’ve been working on three different socks, picking one up when the mood strikes, and managing to close the toes on two. My cotton Clapotis has grown by six inches or so, but I haven’t worked on it very much. It’s fine with me — I like this casual knitting idea. I shy away from the deadlines these days.

The privet hedges are beginning to green up around here, a sure sign of warmer weather. The maple trees are beginning to bud, and the willows are practically glowing with that yellow-green thing that happens just before they leaf out. The Piping Plover nesting sites have been fenced off at all the local beaches, the ospreys are returning to nest, and there’s a pair of mourning doves somewhere in my back yard.

This natural bounty is more than enough, but there’s more: the weekenders are beginning to return to their summer homes, resuming their seasonal preening, partying, and shopping. In a few more weeks, Life As We Know It will be suspended until Labor Day.

Oh, well. I think I’ll knit. And paint.

6 thoughts on “Yellow and orange make spring

  1. Oh I loved that little picture when you painted it at the Retreat – it’s just beautiful and you captured the view so well.I hope all is well in your world as Spring arrives. Things have been kinda crazy here. But, what else is new?!?


  2. The calm before the storm – right? Enjoy being able to get a parking space in town for a few more weeks (except on weekends) Hopefully tonight at knitting circle I will finish the last two inches of the never ending part of the sweater then I can do the decrease to begin the sleeve.


  3. Gorgeous elegy to yellow and orange and burnt sienna, and terra cotta, and all the shades in between, and some great painting too!


  4. what a pretty post. I love art supplies. I have taken a few water color classes, and am in awe of those who can control the paint on the paper. :)your PSpostcard swapper..


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