G is for Girls

My sister S and I were always called “The Girls.” We do have a big sister, E; she’s one of us, too, but because S and I were born just thirteen months apart, we were just “The Girls.” We were dressed, while not exactly alike, in matching outfits, usually beautifully made by our mother. In this picture S is wearing the famous Brick Pajamas (not hand made, but worn by at least four of us five kids, until they fell apart). We are giggling here, but we could have just as easily been captured in mid-bicker. We shared a room, played and fought, loved and hated, all the way until we went to college. We grew into an easy comfort with one another, and we still giggle, and never fight. S is the one person I wanted to travel to Italy with.

G is also for grandparents. See that mischievous look on my grandfather’s face? That is how I remember him. And my grandmother’s sweet smile? She loved us so. They were the only grandparents we knew, and they lived in our house always. Lucky, lucky children, yes indeed we were.


Hey, I though it was supposed to be bright and sunny today. Just for my day off, you know? [Edit: I got my wish! What a spectacular afternoon!] I’m happy to be home and quiet, because it was a hectic week at the store. There’s just a lot to do, and no one thing is more urgent than another, so I have to keep on keeping on. No wonder I’m tired.

I’ve been knitting away on socks and little clapotis-es (?), but with nothing exciting to show. I’m still having a good time practicing Casual Knitting.

My fingers are beginning to twitch a bit, and my eyes are big, because I just got my copy of Morehouse Farm Merino Knits. The pages are filled with wonderful stories and beautiful photographs, and there are enough inspiring patterns to keep me busy for the rest of the year. I love Morehouse yarn, and I love their philosophy, and I love this book. That’s not to say that I’ve abandoned my other latest book love, Mason-Dixon Knitting. I’m just dividing my attention more or less equally!

There really can be too many books, you know. Sometimes it’s a good thing, sometimes not — depends on whether or not you have to haul them around the bookstore, I guess.

8 thoughts on “G is for Girls

  1. Lucky, lucky girls! Cute pictures. :)Heh, I remember lugging books around when I worked at a bookstore – that was probably the only time I’ve ever thought there could maybe be too many books.


  2. What fun family memories for G! Hmm…I might have to pick up the Morehouse book – I loved doing my Olympic shawl (am actually getting ready to do another for my mom for her birthday).


  3. Not working in a bookstore — there can’t be too many books, I have bound books, books on tape, ebooks and I don’t know if I will ever have enough to read 😀 Love the pictures -good lord an 8 letter word verification – I have trouble with the 4 letter ones – any guesses on how many times I will have to put them in before I get them right? These things are not made for people with any dyslexia at all….


  4. I love the photos of you and your sister! They remind me of my sister and myself. Where did you find the Morehouse book? Amazon is still listing it as ‘not yet published.’


  5. what cute pics. similarly my two youngest sisters have always been called “the little ones”. they are 16months apart and people have always thought they were twins. today they are 16 and 18 and are still referred to as “the little ones” and i think they always will be! x


  6. Those pictures are so sweet. I love your blog.I have twins daughters that our two older daughters, the “Irish Twins” (who are a year and a day apart) call “the little sisters”. They are all very close friends to this day. They live in the same town, and I hope they will have each other’s company and friendship for the rest of their lives; this wish is for you and your sister as well, Jane. My only sister and I are very close, too. Wonderful to have that closeness.


  7. My sister Hannah and I are also Irish twins (Jewish twins?) thirteen months apart, and we too were called The Girls. It annoyed the hell out of us, but now we’re very close.Clearly I need to learn how to knit as the knitting bloggers are the BEST. I would like to count myself a part of that group.


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