O is for…

I moved here to Long Island because it made sense at the time. I didn’t know why, except that visiting here opened my heart in a way I’d never known before. Leaving my life and starting a new one here was a leap, for sure. I had friends here, Judy and her family, but I was also alone. I think I was drawn here by the ocean, though.

In the bad months at first, the ocean was there to listen, and I screamed and howled at it, out into the surf. I got better at my new life. Since then the ocean has lifted my spirits, heard my prayers, delighted my senses, and inspired me to paint.

O is for my Ocean.

7 thoughts on “O is for…

  1. Judy reminded me last night that when I came to visit her, before I even thought about moving here, we went to the ocean and I burst into tears.


  2. I grew up upisland and have always lived by the sea. I moved out here with my ex back in 1984 and when we split up I decided that this was home, that I could fit it and make it my own. And now years later, I’ve put out my own roots, grown family and friends and can get past the crowds to delight in my own love for the place. We don’t (and I see you don’t) save the ocean and bays for the summer. There is beauty and magic there all the time. Somedays I go to the ocean for a walk and I’m the only one there, and I wonder, how could this be? Can’t wait to meet you next week…


  3. I too love the ocean but cannot live near it. I get what you say.In beautiful words. I am fortunate to spend weekends by a peaceful mountain lake. I too find solace in the water.


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