Quiet zone

I can’t believe how cute the little socks are! They were just the knitting I needed these past couple of days.

  • Yarn: Socks That Rock Mediumweight in “Fairgrounds”
  • Gauge: 6 stitches per inch on 2.75mm Brittany birch dpn’s
  • Pattern: Basic heel flap sock formula, tweaked a little

I washed and sort-of blocked the set this morning, and the yarn got so soft and snuggly — just right for a little baby.

The weather fairies have been kind today, helping me to relax in the cool air of my day off. Even out in the world (or Sag Harbor, which is where I went) the air was clear and comfortable. I’m grateful for these little bits of sweetness, because I need all I can find.

I think that I’m just tired. The downsides of my job get to me when I am tired. The little things take more concentration. The big things become too big. It is only when something happens — the barometric pressure takes a dive and throws me into a migraine — that I realize that I’m just one Jane, and that I can’t push it, and why should I? So today I played with tiny socks and photographs and Annabelle, and I took a nice long nap filled with dreams. I stayed quiet, and I feel so much better!

15 thoughts on “Quiet zone

  1. oh how cute — what a lucky baby to get those. The idea of a day off is for some down time to renew not only your body but also your soul — and it sounds like that is just what today did…


  2. Love the little socks!A quiet day during a break in the oppressiveness of late summer is just the ticket for me, too. Of course you’re tired! Do the summer people stick around after Labor Day? I’m hoping the light of the end of touritst season is closer rather than farther off.


  3. A lovely use of your Fairgrounds STR, but now you will have to give it away. Did you think of that before you decided to make baby clothes???By the way, I love your galleries. I had just heard about Project Spectrum in Interweave Knits. Yours are beautiful.


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