A made-to-order rainy day

Here’s Saturday’s Sky, when the clouds broke for a few minutes at about 6:00pm. Since last night it’s been nice and rainy. That’s my kitchen window up there.

Why is the rain nice, you might ask? Because a rainy Sunday means that I have the perfect excuse to stay home and knit this:

A Mason-Dixon hand towel. It’s been just the right kind of knitting for a day like today. I can’t wait to finish it and throw it in the wash to see how soft it will be. After this one’s finished I might just cast on another one! All those mateless socks will grumble, but that’s too bad.

I added a nap to my schedule, too, which is another rainy day pleasure. I won’t be getting a day off till the weekend, so I’m trying to bank some z’s. I’ve come to terms with the way it will be at work this week, and all I can do is keep swimming. Shore is in sight.

8 thoughts on “A made-to-order rainy day

  1. Sounds like the perfect day– Mine was similar – without the MD knitting. In fact no knitting yet. But I have been catching up on movies 😀


  2. I like rainy days too. It’s the perfect excuse for curling up with your knitting. I like that hand towel. I may have to hunt down some linen.


  3. Waaah. I want a rainy day and knitting and napping. And I want the Mason Dixon book. Sounds like paradise.Well, I did get the rainy day, but it wasn’t the same without all the other stuff.


  4. We haven’t seen rain in ages. All of DC is wilting (including the human beings who live here). Can you send a little rain our way? Wave it down with a Mason-Dixon hand towel, maybe? Thanks!


  5. what a beautiful towel. – and I want to know as well, what’s it knit with ?I just adore rainy days for all the same reasons you do – snuggling in with my knitting and spinning is a treat.We’re all standing by cheering for you during the final stretch of this busy season – you can do it!


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