Monday morning drive-by

Let’s see if I can get this written and published before I have to get ready for the day…


Jane’s 2006 Knitter’s Review Retreat New Beginnings Tilting Block Shawl!

The pose.

The close-up.

Yarn: Spirit Trail Fiberworks 100% Bluefaced Leicester (five 200-yard skeins)
Pattern: “Tilting Block” from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury, page 263
Dimensions: Approx. 22 by 80 inches, blocked
Needles: Addi Turbo 5mm/US 8
Time to Knit: Did time really pass? 11/12/06 to 11/30/06 (unless you count blocking, which had to wait till 12/3/06)

The blocking.


This will be a busy week — there’s a Big Event happening at the bookstore on Wednesday, one that’s only marginally book-related. We’re busy with the preparations, but trying to remember that we have to sell books at the same time. I’ll have all the news, which is good news for a change, after it’s over. There will be pictures and a story, too.

Whew! I made it! There’s still time for another sip of coffee before I have to get going. I don’t know how Bess does it…

21 thoughts on “Monday morning drive-by

  1. Oh my GOSH it turned out fantastic – like I knew it would. This is the week of the big event at the store – cool can’t wait for pictures and the story to go along with it 😀


  2. Only you can take a photograph of a shawl wrapped around a deck post and make the post look like a live model! It (the shawl) is beautiful!


  3. Now this falls under the rules of “you have to give it to someone whose birthday was the day you finished” right???Cuz I think I know someone… It’s truly, madly, deeply gorgeous!


  4. CONGRATS!!! Truly stunning. Both the artwork of your handcrafting and the artwork of your photography. I agree with Cindy.. you make a post look like a model all gussied up. I can’t wait to see you wearing it.


  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS! Marvelous! I just love that pattern!Love the POSE, very artistic. I certainly hope you are now wearing this creation! Are you sad it’s finished? Are you fingers and your lap now lonely?


  6. Oh, this is a wonderful shawl! I’ve always wanted to make this pattern, but did never get to it. The yarn is fantastic for this one. I wish I had it around my shoulers!


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