The Big Event

It was a wedding!

The lovely bride M. and the handsome groom F. were married at the front of the bookstore on Wednesday afternoon (between the magazines and the calendars).

Why marry in the bookstore, you ask? Because this is where they met several years ago, when M. joined F. and the rest of us on the staff. This is where they became friends, and where they became more than friends. It’s fitting, and very sweet, that they asked if they could hold their wedding here. Thanks to the generosity of our employers, the store was closed for the day, and we put on a wedding.

This is what the bookstore looked like on Tuesday afternoon. The usual, only with brand-new, brighter (and hard to take photos in, because it’s really not this intense) lighting:

This is what the bookstore looked like on Wednesday morning before the arrival of about sixty guests. Emptied of books, lots of flowers, white cloths on the display tables, and chairs all around:

The counter was cleared of books and replaced by these:

Where more books had been, there were roses and hydrangeas and poinsettias:

The most amazing wedding cake was baked by L., who is another member of the staff family. It was absolutely delicious:

I don’t have any pictures of the aftermath. You wouldn’t want to see us replacing the books on Thursday morning, trying to find a place for everything. If it came off the table, doesn’t it make sense that it should fit back on? You’d think so, but you’d be wrong. We finished, sort of, on Friday, in time for me to unpack the shipments from Wednesday and Thursday (more books!). My hands hurt. My feet hurt. The store is back to normal, though. The customers, for the most part, were enchanted when they learned why they could not shop on Wednesday.

And M. and F. are married, and it was a happy afternoon, and I’m so honored to have been a part of their special day.
So that was Wednesday. The other Big Event, and it’s really big: The Wonderful R’s celebrated their thirteenth birthdays yesterday! Happy Birthday, you two! Our Second Annual Girls’ Christmas Shopping Day happens today, so I’d better get going.

By the way, I do still knit, though not much until my hands recover.

12 thoughts on “The Big Event

  1. As Becca would say….yay for Jane!and yay for M and F, too!It all makes me feel good inside, and I need that. Except the putting the store back together part, that doesn’t make anyone feel good.Thanks for your help lately.


  2. What a great idea for a wedding! Congrats to M. and F. I don’t envy you having to put everything back together again. I think this stuff reproduces when you move it from its spot. 🙂


  3. Awwww…..I met the love of my life working in a bookstore, too, you know. In fact, that bookstore was a total mating ground–the beginning of at least 3 marriages that I can think of off the top of my head. That’s really great they let you close for the day to do that.


  4. That’s so cool that they had their wedding in the bookstore – it looked fabulous!Hope you and the teenage R’s have a wonderful 2nd Annual Girls’ Christmas Shopping Day.Love Ya!


  5. What super pictures – and that cake looks as yummy as you said it was. So how was the annual girls shopping day – you must have gone out to eat and had cake there too right? Can you tell I love cake hehehehe


  6. Sigh. Oh Jane. Why am I not surprised that people fall in love and want to marry in a place you created. Why am I not surprised that you made it happen for them. Oh. Yes. I know. Because you are so wonderful! What a great happy post. Thank you for the gift.


  7. What great mojo for the bookstore, to hold a wedding there. Congrats to the happy couple – it really is an enchanting story. Hoping your hands are soon feeling nimble enough to knit. Without your knitting, I fear the world might come apart at the seams. When my hands hurt, I fill a big bowl with warm water and epsom salts, dunk my hands in while I watch TV or something. It really helps.


  8. that is a very very cool reason to close the bookstoreI love books and i love bookstoresso i think it is a great place to have a weddingvi


  9. Oh, so lovely! And romantic! You must be exhausted, things never go back to where they were! I see that each time I buy groceries and can’t fit them back into the cart. Maybe we need to go on a diet!I recently took my 13 year old to a mall for a few hours of shopping…talk about tired! But she thought it was a wild time.


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