Blue day, in a good way

What a beautiful Wednesday! I took the North and South ferries to get from Greenport to Sag Harbor this afternoon, a real treat on such a rare afternoon. Blue everywhere, in all its glory.

I’d been to North Fork Stitches in Cutchogue to take advantage of their “Sweetheart Sale” and to use a couple of gift certificates. I needed to add to my sock needle collection, and I needed another bottle of Soak (I cried when I came home one day to see that the whole bottle had fallen over and drained into the sink; that’ll teach me to leave the cap open!). I wanted a yarn treat, too. Scarf yarn, to fend off sock monotony. Sock monotony hasn’t set in yet, but I want to be sure I am prepared if it does. I had an idea I might like some Noro Silk Garden. Can it be that I’ve never knit with it before? How can I even call myself a knitter? This is Color 213, which is greenish and purplish and bluish, with a couple of other -ishes thrown in. I’ve already started knitting a scarf. It’s a comfort knit for me, because I’m using the same Tilted Block stitch that I used for my big shawl a couple of months ago. I adore that shawl, but I can’t wear it under my coat, so I thought…

My other yarn purchase is more of an exciting discovery than anything else. I needed smelling salts when I saw this in a bin:

It’s called Terra, from the Fibre Company in Biddeford, Maine. The color is Dark Indigo and the yarn is a 60% merino, 20% baby alpaca, and 20% silk singles. The gauge listed on the tag is 15st/4 inches on US 9 needles. This is beautiful yarn! I have no idea what I’ll use it for, but I do know that I will be keeping it on my desk so I can fondle it. The Fibre Company sells lots of beautiful yarns, in wonderful colors, at LYS’s all over the country. I’ll be visiting their website often to dream and plan.

I thought I had something else to say, but I guess not. Unless this is it: I’ve had a lovely Wednesday off, both from my job at the bookstore and that other job, sorting and purging the cluttered closet.

Inventory happens next week. From now until next Friday I’ll be busy: needing lists, having to remember procedures, trying to keep the staff motivated enough to get through it (free food always helps, but it’s a hard job, scanning every book in three stores in three days).

My life isn’t uncomplicated, but I’m enjoying the stretch and pull of my desires and obligations. I’m not dissatisfied and antsy, my usual state by the time the end of February rolls around — not today, anyway. I have my knitting. Socks for Rachel (who likes them so far). A Silk Garden scarf. Two more almost-finished pairs of socks for me. A few other things on the needles, too, just in case. I guess I’ll make it.

9 thoughts on “Blue day, in a good way

  1. Hey what do you think you are doing stealing all my blue today!!! You will bring that wonderful blue tomorrow won’t you???? And I can’t believe you never used Noro Silk Garden before – I loved it. Hope you do too 😀 Sounds like the perfect day. And was that weather incredible or what – now If I can get the truck out of the mud in the yard LOL


  2. Sock monotony? Is that listed in the big book of ailments? You are sooo funny.Love all the blue. You know how I believe your knitting captures the essence of the ocean. Everything you need seems watery to me (in the best way – flowing, mysterious. You know!)


  3. That is some very dangerous yarn you just showed us. You know, I swatched that very same stitch pattern with some handpainted yarn and it looked terrible. Why is it looking so nice for you? Do you have some magical lace color managing power you haven’t told us about?


  4. I always check out your blog looking for inspiring photos, and you rarely disappoint. And thanks again for the link to Sundara’s website – I was able to order some sock yarn yesterday!


  5. I Love NYC-(my first breath contained the dust of concrete) but in a previous life, i must have gone to sea. the blue skys, and white caps makes me long for salt air, a sea spray–its been a long while now since i have been to sag harbor, and your photo make me want to head to the shore. You brought to mind, Sea Fever, by John Masefield.(oh, yeah, beautiful yarn and knitting too!)


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