Hot needles, cool scarf

Smoking hot and very cool. I began knitting on Wednesday afternoon, and I cast off last night. It was quick, it was fun, and it’s a happy scarf. I’m looking forward to wearing it tomorrow!

Tilting Block from Barbara Walker’s Second Treasury
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Color 213, 3 balls (about 109 yds each)
Needles: Addi Turbo 5mm/US 8
Measures: 7.5″ by 70″ after blocking
Time to knit: four evenings, 2/21-24/07

I needed a few days of pure comfort knitting. I’m back to socks already — Rachel’s Monkey socks. I finished the first one and cast on the second today, and I’ve made good progress. I watched a few movies, did a little laundry, chatted on the phone…

It’s been a long time since I watched Five Easy Pieces, but it’s one of my favorites, even when AMC cuts to a commercial in the middle of Jack Nicholson’s diner rant. I remember seeing it in the theater way back in 1970. And how did I miss the 1946 version of Razor’s Edge until now? I thought I’d seen every Gene Tierney movie. Sometimes there’s nothing better than watching good movies and knitting on a sock, is there?

Work will be busy and complicated this week. Inventory. I have some computer configurations to do tomorrow, and scanners to charge, and books to straighten. Tuesday is the big day in my store, but altogether it will take three days. Wise General Manager C and I decided that it’s stressful but not dreadful, and that we are really just antsy and want to get it over with. So we shall.

And I will have knitting to relax me. Socks. Pretty Monkey socks, and the next Petals Collection package should be arriving, too.

19 thoughts on “Hot needles, cool scarf

  1. Oh it turned out beautiful… it is going to feel so cozy comfy in the snowy mess to have that on tomorrow. Watch the roads going to work – take a coffee or tea break every so often and remember to breath…


  2. You’ve produced yet another beautiful scarf – I love it! I’m almost at the heel flaps on my current pair of socks. You’re right, there’s nothing like good tv/movies and knitting socks!


  3. So quick! I just adore that yarn. I haven’t knit anything out of it as of yet…so many yarns…But you’re back to the Mountain Colors, how sweet is that yarn? I’m into the second sock of the Sundara Lenten rose, going quickly as well!


  4. Holy moley, that is a beautiful scarf. I’m not a big fan of the way Silk Garden feels, or else I would totally make one of those RIGHT NOW. As it is, I’m plotting possible substitutes in my head.


  5. I’m not a Noro fan, but that’s enough to make me second guess myself = GORGEOUS! Really, really stunning!I have some alpaca from your first kR retreat that is like that wool/alpaca/silk blend you have. I don’t know what I’ll do with it, but the colors needed to be home with me (and there’s always room for alpaca in this house)XOX


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