Missing B’s

It’s one of those weeks. My schedule is erratic, my days off are confused, my head is swimming with titles and to-do’s. While it’s absolutely wonderful that a beautiful, healthy baby boy has entered this world, we miss the presence and help of the new mother.

Not only that, but the Groom (remember the wedding?) leaves for Ireland next week, with the Bride following in another week. She’ll be starting her graduate studies in September. My little work family is leaving home! We’ll find new staff, I’ve no doubt, but for now I’m a little weary, and kind of sad.

Oh, and Harry Potter is coming.

I have a tiny rant: I’ve had this Dell laptop for about four years now, and the damn B key has just decided to, well, stop working unless I hit it really really hard. I removed it, cleaned under and inside it, did everything I could think of — but I had to order a new keyboard. While I wait I suppose my typing will have to continue to feel aggressive. I end up feeling aggressive after any time spent trying to type!

If you notice any missing B’s in anything I’ve written, please just smile and move on. I try to correct them as I go, but sometimes it’s just too much trouble! The space bar has issues, too, but not if I press it just so, and only on the right-hand end. I do need a new keyboard. I wish I needed a new computer, because I’d like to switch to a Mac, but try as I might, I can’t justify it for the B key and the space ar.

My thoughts have been with Laurie today. Her beloved Roy passed away. If you have ever had a spirit guide in the form of a cat, or some other small creature who just always seems to know who you are and what you need, then you’ll understand why just thinking about what those two meant to each other makes me cry.

This cat of mine, this Annabelle, has been keeping me company for eight years with her quiet steadfastness and her great sense of humor. Before her, Emma was my companion on some of the rockiest paths of my entire life, and she was a tireless trailblazer and guardian.

It makes perfect sense to me that in Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy the humans’ very souls are embodied in their daemons, and one cannot live without the other.

I’m almost finished knitting the baby blanket, and I’ve started to weave in the many ends. I should be able to deliver it next week. While my enthusiasm for this big thing didn’t fade, exactly, it was a casualty of my attention span. There have been many days (most of this week, really) that I’m too tired to knit more than one row on a sock, if anything. Hauling out the blanket, setting it up in my lap, getting in the groove — impossible.

The rest of this summer will have to be devoted to socks, I suppose.

6 thoughts on “Missing B’s

  1. Socks are the perfect summer thing – small, not too warm, suited to attention spans all twitchy from distractions.Lovely words about daemons and our fur people…


  2. Beautiful written post.I have a wireless keyboard, sometimes the batteries die, but I don’t think of that first. I’m always in panic, when I hit the keys and nothing happens – until I remember. ;o)I’ve been spinning more lately, it gives me neck pain, I’m totally tense while spinning, but I love it. I need to sew the mosaic blanket squares together. I don’t allow myself to cast on for something new, before I’m done with it. Socks are alwyas a good knit, especially the ones you are knitting, heavenly blue.


  3. Ha! The space ar! My daughter and I have matching laptops, and when I type on hers I realize how overused mine seems, though she’s catching up. Once in a while the little one will use the laptop and we find the enter key not quite on. I’ve always wanted a Mac, but a PC is what everyone here knows so it seemed easier, plus I got 2 for less money…Knock on wood, we’ve been happy with ours, I hope I haven’t jinxed us!I had read about Roy, and saw the amount of comments that Laurie got. Wow. I’ve had so many pets touch my life and be so important to me and when they died, I was in full mourning. My entire family was. And what’s the choice, that you don’t get close to them, that you don’t let them become part of you? Who wants to live like that? The pain of losing a pet or a person is huge if you’ve opened your heart up to them and of course that’s how you want to live. But I’m already dreading the day when they go…Good luck staff hunting, I hope you find a good match. Over the years I’ve glanced at the help wanted sign here in town and said….wouldn’t that be fun?! But you’d find me in some corner with a book open, reading on the job! What’s worse? Working in a book store or a yarn store?


  4. Socks are good for summer knitting. They’re small, not too hot to work on, and portable. I tend to work on shawls more in the summer too. Although I need much better concentration for those. It’s so hard to lose members of your fur family. My heart goes out to Laurie.


  5. I read about Roy and I sat here boo hoooing for Laurie -but couldn’t post …Hmmm ya know I am looking into a new Mac laptop — want to go window shopping with me to the Apple Store – who me enable?? I just want company while I spend all my money. ;D


  6. Jane, how odd. A few months back by husband’s Mac did the same thing. The B button was not working! He had to replace the keyboard as well, but now it’s going again!I too just lost another beloved canine companion. It never gets any easier. 😦


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