Day of rest

I’ve been trying to capture the color of this yarn for a couple of weeks now — and though I don’t think I’ve succeeded, I’m conceding. This will have to do. It’s Brooklyn Handspun Signature Superwash Merino in the color “Marigold.” Yowza.

All I did was donate to Claudia’s MS ride, and I won 480 yards of fingering weight yarn! Thank you Claudia! Congratulations on your successful ride!

That brings me to another donation/raffle prize opportunity. Purlewe is riding today in the American Cancer Society’s Bike-a-Thon. Won’t you go on over and click on her link to donate? I’m going to provide some incentive: a luscious skein or two of Sundara Sock Yarn will be added to her prize stash. If Anj can bike 69 miles, I can help out a little.

It won’t be Blue Grape Hyacinth yarn, though. That’s already on the needles. I finished the first sock a few minutes ago and cast on for the second. The rest of my knitting time today will be spent weaving in blanket ends. I promise.

The B’s are back! Dell shipped the keyboard overnight, so my fingers have been tripping the Light Fantastic across the snappy new keys since Friday afternoon. From now on, all typos are my own fault.

I’m taking deep breaths today, for tomorrow we begin Harry Potter Week. I already know it will feel more like Harry Potter Year, but them’s the breaks. Nobody’s forcing me to be a bookseller! If I survive, I’m sure I’ll have tales to tell.

Here’s a little suggestion for anyone who tends to talk on their cell phone in public: Nobody likes to hear your end of the conversation, especially when it consists of repeating, several times, “Are you hung over? You sound hung over. I’m in the Hamptons.” Now, I don’t know anyone who would do that, but someone must have known her, because she was talking to him/her on the phone…

7 thoughts on “Day of rest

  1. Yea on having B’s again – now to the important question – -what time should I show up for my Harry Potter book – midnight- how long is the line – should I wait …. oh decisions decisions — 😉


  2. Alas, it doesn’t really seem like I can donate now that the event is over – her link takes me to the kintera page (for donations) for about a second, then dumps me out on the ACS page, not a donation page.Good luck surviving this week with humor and grace! Having worked selling books (albeit briefly over a Christmas or two), I can definitely sympathize. At least it was before the widespread use of cell phones!


  3. Good luck with Harry Potter week! We’re doing magic for the Harry Potter release next weekend at a local bookstore. Last time we did that, it was complete chaos, but fun. Of course we only had to do it for a few hours.


  4. Spend any time traveling by plane or train and you’ll hear hundreds of one-sided idiotic conversations like that, unfortunately. God help us if they decide to legalize cell phone usage during flight….


  5. You got your B’s back? =o) The skein is a lovely color. I have a sweater that color, or almost. Oh, and thanks a mil for that tip on hot linking buttons. It worked!


  6. Summer people and their cell phone conversations! Yikes! I don’t suppose you can plug into an ipod while you work. That’s how I deal with it here in DC. Fortunately my clients don’t talk on their phones while on the table. I’m so lucky that way.Love the marigold yarn. it’s gorgeous, sumptuous, even. Sending many good thoughts to you as Harry Potter week approaches. I pre-ordered my copy months ago, and though I usually prefer to buy books from bookstores, I’m too much of a wimp to deal with Harry Potter weeks. May the force be with you!


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