Getting away

I’m almost to the point of becoming wild-headed and crazed about getting everything done and packed and ready for my trip to Maryland. Almost. When I see the old pattern — circular motion, no progress forward — I stop, do some little pleasurable thing, and then go back to the preparations.

That’s how I managed to spin and ply a skein of yarn this week. It’s Crown Mountain Farms Corriedale pencil roving in Silver Fox. If you need some comfort spinning, this is the stuff for you. There’s not much to do but watch the colors flow past your fingertips, because the roving is so well prepared. I love Teyani’s color ideas, too. I think I’ll end up with yarn that’s almost worsted weight, which is something I rarely spin. It’s soft and bouncy and I can’t wait to see how it feels when it has dried.

In another few bits of spare time, and with a little serendipity, I happened upon String Theory Yarn’s Etsy shop. The scenario: Dum-de-dum, I’ll just browse around, dum-de-dum … Hold on, what’s this?

Silk and Merino in the Sprucehead colorway. I don’t know if you can tell, but it actually shimmers and glows, and it’s different from every angle. Want a closer look? Sure you do.

It’s sort of like dragonfly wings, isn’t it? I have 6 ounces and 750 yards. It’s what you’d call heavy fingering weight, I suppose. I’m thinking about a modified Morning Glory Wrap. Maybe. It would be narrower and shorter, of course, but I think I have enough for a big, big scarf. I’m going to take my time deciding on this one.

Now back to the present: The emotion and anxiety that I’ve been feeling for the past couple of weeks has been softened by all the warmth and kindness and encouragement that I’ve received through the blog and from my friends and at work. I am one of those people who is self-conscious about “stuff” like this — like needing a hug, or a word, or a smile. When these things are offered and put right in front of me (or, otherwise shoved in my path), I do accept, though it’s hard to do so without question. I’ll learn, eventually.

Thanks to every single one of you who has forced me to take your good wishes. I’ll pass them along to my mother on Wednesday in the form of a big hug, hours of time together, and much knitting by her side. She is settling in at her temporary home, getting a little more PT every day, and resting up for the duration.

It’s time to get back to it. I love a road trip, but there’s a lot to do. I’ve got new tires on the car, I’ve downloaded Away by Amy Bloom, and I’m close to having the store organized for my absence. I’ve got the hotel reservation, the trail mix, and new pj’s. I have enough knitting in progress to satisfy the whims of at least ten knitters, so that’s no problem. Now I need to clean up around here, or else I’ll be ashamed to have the landlord come up and take care of Annabelle!

Will I be ready to fly down the road at the crack of dawn on Wednesday? I hope so!

17 thoughts on “Getting away

  1. Safe travels, Miss Jane. And may your time with your mom be a joy to you both, create tons of productive knitting, speed the healing in her leg and ease your worry.


  2. drive safely dear Jane – and may the hours of getting to ‘just be’ with your Mom provide comfort for you both. Your Silver Fox is gorgeous. I often used the pencil roving for the same kind of spin. and that silk-merino… well, let’s just say I totally understand how it beckoned your name 🙂


  3. That String Theory yarn looks just like this bamboo/wool sock yarn I almost bought the other day, but decided I couldn’t justify once I made the cashmere leap. Dum-de-dum, maybe I’ll go just take a look….I know what you mean about being self-conscious about “needing.” I’m like that too, which is why I’m still easily bowled over when I get an especially nice comment on my blog. Have a great trip!


  4. Safe travels Jane – you & your Mom will be in my prayers. The yarns are beautiful additions & look like they are indeed providing some comfort & calm in the midst of some zaniness.


  5. Have a safe trip and a relaxing, enjoyable time with your mom. The String Theory yarn is gorgeous. I’ve been eyeing the Morning Glory Wrap, but I need to finish some other things first.


  6. New Pajamas! Oh wise wise one. There is very little that is as delicious as new sleeping equipment. Good new sheets or new pj’s, a new pillow, maybe even a new bedside lamp or beside rug – oh oh my dear one. You may be taking baby steps when it comes to the shyness thing, but your instincts are soooo good.Fun, happy, safe driving vibes coming your way and swift recovery vibes for your mom.Hugs


  7. Jane, we must be living in parallel universes. I just got back from Fla, nursing my mom who took a horrific fall and waited til just this past month to have the surgery on a torn shoulder (and she was only grocery shopping) Of course my sis wouldn’t hear of a rehab facility, so ALL the care was done by her nurse/midwife daughter (my sister) and her squeamish daughter (me) while my sis was away. It was horrifying for me, but just business as usual for my sister. AAnd guess what book I picked up to read? yup, Amy Bloom. Hope you get to listen to more than I got to read.If you have a free evening, email me and I’ll come take you to dinner, or lunch, or just chat about falling moms.Rosi


  8. Lovely yarn … gorgeous colors—it does indeed look like dragonfly wings.May the dragonfly’s wings speed you on your journey to your Mom and have a healing effect on her!Safe trip and healing thoughts!


  9. Beautiful yarns! The silk-merino is similar to some stuff I just spun up. It’s lit from within, I swear.Hope your mother makes a quick recovery.


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