Rhinebeck 2007

We’re back from Rhinebeck, still dazed and slightly worn out by the trip, but we had a wonderful time. Judy, the Amazing R’s, and I left home on Friday afternoon in That Rain, which had slowed to a drizzle by the time we arrived at our motel.

We have Rhinebeck Traditions — very important rituals — that we vary only by consensus. This year we wanted to arrive in time to have dinner at the Eveready Diner. It was loud with a capital-L. We tried, but next year we’re going to bring sandwiches from home and spend Friday night in our room, knitting and spinning and needle felting (the new new thing).

It was a beautiful Saturday morning, as seen from our motel room.

We got to the festival at around 10:00, and stopped at the Spirit Trail Fiberworks booth first. We hugged Martha, Jen, Anj, and Shelia, met Amy, and ran into Kathy. Then we went out and shopped and looked and wandered and looked some more.

We saw sheep, of course. Later in the afternoon we saw Clara, and the Remarkable R’s got to meet her and show her their Hedgerows. Judy had her sign The Book, too.

The festival was crowded with a capital-C. In our book, it’s not much fun to shuffle through hot barns filled with careening knitters and spinners, all of whom seem to be carrying or wearing incredibly large bags filled with Stuff that invariably whaps you as they turn, or that you can’t help but run into as they stop dead in the middle of the aisle to gawk or greet or whatever it is knitters and spinners do when in the wild.

I wished there could have been a little traffic control, or common sense, or something. Besides, I’m pretty short; so if you are a tall person, and you are in the middle of a crowded booth, chatting away with your hands on your hips, oblivious to all around you, I have to worry about losing an eye. Common sense, knitters.

Back out in the open (which was by far the safest place to be) we ran into Kay and Ann, and there might have been a slightly embarrassing deep fried pickle incident, but that’s all I have to say about that. The maple sugar cotton candy made up for it.

You’ve heard by now that it was hot with a capital-H, but it was also quite a beautiful weekend. After days of weird and rainy weather, it was wonderful to be out in the sunshine. I never seemed to manage to drink enough water, though. I was parched with a capital-P.

This trio is most likely the most blogged-about attraction of the weekend.

We dined at the Eveready not once, not twice, but three times. We think we overdid it. On Sunday, back at the festival, we made return visits to all the booths we meant to take a closer look at, made a few purchases we missed the day before, and gave farewell hugs to all our friends. I finally managed to meet up with Sandy, which was a treat and a smile and a Mission: Accomplished. We ran into Sandy and Norma and Claudia on the way out, too — another treat.

We had a blast, but by Sunday afternoon even the yarn was looking forward to going home. Next year: sandwiches on Friday night, more knitting, better pictures, dinner at Gigi Trattoria on Saturday (oh heavens, that was good), and a better hydration plan.

Tomorrow I’ll trot out the purchases. There weren’t many, and I am in love with every one.

12 thoughts on “Rhinebeck 2007

  1. So very sorry about the fried dill pickles. Ann and I have cast-iron stomachs. Now you know. Proceed with caution when we offer to share our food. Did you try any of the CIA tent food? Oh my goodness! I hope THAT is a new tradition. Next year I will do the Eveready! xo Kay


  2. OH YOU MUST TELL – the fried pickle incident — I saw a sign for it on someone else’s blog and you know I was dying to know all about them…… 😀


  3. Your description of Rhinebeck sounds a lot like a combination of the Virginia Fall Fiber Festival (the heat) and Maryland Sheep & Wool (the crowds and poor traffic control and the whapping and the poking).Here’s hoping that SAFF next weekend has neither of those issues! :-)Looking forward to seeing your loot!


  4. Other than being whapped by bags and elbows, it sounds like a great weekend. Rick loves deep fried pickles. I avoid them. 🙂 I’m looking forward to seeing what followed you home.


  5. Sorry that it sounded so uncomfortable for you, Jane–but my friend Laura (the ex-bookseller) and I enjoyed meeting you and thanking you for your pretty blog pictures. Retreat will be a nice contrast–leisurely and spacious.Marie


  6. I’m always jealous of the fiber festival goers, but the truth is, I hate hate hate crowds, so I’d probably lose my mind. Right? Right.


  7. errr… deep fried pickles? yee gaads!love the photos – especially the yarn on the dash.wish I had been there playing too – and I totally get it about being short and big crowds(I’m am not that tall either)


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