Boxing Day

With Christmas Day already past, I’m beginning to feel the old year sigh its last, and sense the whispers of the new year to come. I’m ready to welcome it. Boxing Day is a good day to be at home, get some rest, and enjoy the beginning of winter. It’s not too cold, but not warm; not exactly sunny, but not cloudy either. In between is a fine enough place to be.

Christmas was happy, peaceful, fun, and lasted just the right amount of time. This was the first of many lovely gifts I opened yesterday:

My sister Ellen knit this beautiful scarf for me! She modified Wisp from Knitty, making it narrower and without the button detail. It’s so warm and soft, and it’s even more special because this is the first thing anyone has knit for me. We three sisters are a crafty bunch, for sure.

I sent her this pair of Maine Morning Mitts, along with her very own signed-by-the-author copy of The Knitter’s Book of Yarn:

I put the finishing touches on this Ripple Lace Linen Basket Liner (by Amy King from KBoY) for Judy and wrapped it up, but I knew that it was too small to fit her favorite bread basket. I’m going to undo the bind off row and add another couple of inches. She loves it, though, and I’m pleased that the whole family will get to enjoy something I knitted for them. The yarn is Euroflax Originals Linen in Mustard.

Sundara makes it very difficult to finish any of the knitting that is already in progress. The second mailing in the Autumn Seasons Yarn Club was this “Mossy” sock yarn. I might have to cast on a pair of Nutkin socks before the week day is out!

I hope your own Boxing Day is just right, whatever you’re doing today, and that you’re surrounded by the love of family and friends, as I am —


P.S. I almost forgot to report on my little mother (it seems like ages ago that she was back in the hospital, not just last week). She was home before Christmas, and spent yesterday afternoon surrounded by family and good food and lots of presents. Thank you to everyone who sent wishes and prayers!

8 thoughts on “Boxing Day

  1. I’m looking forward to going home and relaxing later, all by myself! Did you see the moon last night? Gorgeous. The gift from your sister is so beautiful, some people don’t think that knitter’s appreciate knitted gifts, but they do. My SIL gave everyone else washcloths and soap yesterday but us….oh well. Guess I have to knit my own! Glad you had a nice day! And glad you have the day off!


  2. I’m glad your mother is feeling better. Your work, as always, is exquisite. So glad you were the recipient of so many lovely gifts. You deserve each and every one of them.Happy new year, Jane!


  3. Glad your Mom was home for Christmas!All of your knitted things are lovely. How nice that you and your sister did the knit thing for each other. :-)Happy Boxing Day!


  4. looks like you got as beautiful as you gave 🙂 isn’t that sweet!Boxing day was a gentle, quiet day in my office – nice, since I had a couple hours to sit and knit (always a treat)I love your reflection on the pause before the new year – so lovely.May the year ahead be filled with joy and laughter.


  5. The scarf from your sister is gorgeous. I like those mitts too. I’m glad to hear your mother got home before Christmas. Happy Boxing Day!


  6. Merry Christmas! Beauteous gifts all around!So glad to hear that your Mom is dong well and was able to be with you all for the holiday.Hey ~ send me your mailing address (again. I promise this time to write it down somewhere where it won’t disappear). I have a little gifty to send you ~ we’ll just call it a New Year’s Gift at this point!Hugs, Jen


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