B is for


I spend an average of ten hours a day, five days a week in this long, narrow, creaky-floored, book-filled space. It is my second home, my responsibility, my daily challenge.

Each morning when I walk in the door I take it all in, survey my domain, take deep breaths. What is on my list today, orders? Will I have a chance to get to that reorganizing project? Will we be busy? Do I have enough of this or that title?

I’m fortunate. I have an extraordinary job in an extraordinary independent bookstore. It has weathered the stormy waters of the book business for thirty-seven years. In my almost thirteen years here it has been rare that I wake up thinking I wish I didn’t have to go to work. It’s only when I’m still worn out from the day before that I want to stay put…

…or, sometimes — I must confess — when I am in the midst of some knitting that consumes me!

14 thoughts on “B is for

  1. I wish my local bookstore was managed by a knitter! I’m so tired of having to look thru a jumble of woodworking and jewelry making books to find the knitting titles.


  2. Sweet Jane,Your book store folks are so lucky to have you there!And yes to the “good work” vibe & the “I have a day off” vibe & the “I like my job” vibe & the …XOXO


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