Annie hearts yarn

But I sure do wish that her devotion didn’t include drooling.

It was all I could do to get an unobstructed shot of my new favorite thing in the world (besides the cat, of course).

This is Buffalo Gals Bison Merino 2-Ply in Garnet. Clara Parkes reviewed its cousin, Bison Merino 3-Ply, in this past week’s Knitter’s Review newsletter.
I don’t post about most of the yarn I find, but this one deserves the spotlight. It is so soft, so sweet, and such a deep, rich color.

I happened to click on the newsletter just as it was posted late Wednesday night. This yarn spoke to me in a sweet voice, yet a firm one. I didn’t even attempt to think it over. I was also extremely impressed by Judith MacKenzie McCuin’s journey with this fiber, and I wanted to support her effort. Before the page had finished loading I think I was on my way over to Carolina Homespun to place an order (I heart Morgaine).

Now that I have it in my hands (or wrapped in a cloth to keep somebody from rolling in it) and can feel it and make plans for it, I want more. I’m resisting for now, but that Montana Nights blue is gorgeous. As Clara pointed out, this is not an inexpensive yarn, but it’s also in limited supply. I know I’ll treasure the knitting and the wearing.

I don’t have any knitting to write about. I’ve been working on Stuff, but most of my time has been spent dealing with work things. Yes, I know that last week I rhapsodized about how much I love my job, how I love to go to work every day, how I look forward to the possibilities…

But some days — some weeks, even — my idyllic, romantic job leaves me drained and speechless. It’s over now, and it wasn’t a crisis, but it sure was complicated, uncomfortable and exhausting. Now I really am looking forward to going to work tomorrow!

10 thoughts on “Annie hearts yarn

  1. I heart Morgaine and Lann too 🙂 I’ve known them so many years – they started their business the same time we began CMF… they are so dear.Buffalo Gals.. woo hoo. I will be seeing Juidth at a class in another week, and I’m hoping that she’ll have some with her. It’s scrumptious.May this work week ahead be filled with peaceful days.


  2. i love reds, and magentas and all things warmpop over to my blog if you would jane dearvips: i would love to work in a bookstore part time…but i would spend all our money while i was there


  3. The color is breath taking and very warm feeling even on the flat screen – whoo!I may peek at it again besides reading the article that gave it a wonderful debut!Work is work and I would love to work in a Bookstore – and have – but I got caught reading too many of the products and not working enough – imagine that! Rest up – most days I love my job – but there are moments!Wish I lived close enough to see the cat and the yarn in person!


  4. Love the color of that yarn. It really is a true garnet. Yum! I promise I won’t drool though.Work – every day is completely different than the one before and the one to come. I never know if I’m going to be exhausted or energized at the end of a day. Same goes for dog walks. Sometimes they’re just perfect, other times we struggle our way through the whole thing. Life is completely unpredictable, isn’t it?


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