I took today off because I had an appointment at the dentist. What I thought might be one of those appointments (you know, the ones that hurt) turned out to be nothing but a few minutes getting a panoramic x-ray of my jaw. So what’s a knitter to do when she gets a reprieve? Why, knit a sock, of course.

This is Dahlia, a Petals Collection yarn from Sundara. I picked a simple pattern from the stitch dictionary in Vogue’s Ultimate Sock Book — Pie Crust Basketweave. It sounded good (ha!) so I went with it. I’ll be turning the heel in no time.

I really should be doing something constructive, but this just isn’t the day for it. I spent yesterday being plenty constructive. I was trying to make my scanner talk to my computer again. They don’t get along, and have had an on-again, off-again relationship for quite a while now. No matter what I did, or how often and in what perfect sequence I reinstalled the software, the scanner still refused to cooperate. It’s old and cranky anyway. Still, all I wanted to do was scan a couple of knitterly things, and a photo or two. Was that too much to ask?

The weather here is dreary, damp, and unpleasant; a fog has begun to settle in among the trees, and even though it’s not exactly raining, everything is dripping. Staying home with a sock and Made for Each Other is my prescription for an excellent day off. I hope yours is excellent, too (if you have one, that is).

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