When my world feels too crowded, or cluttered, or busy, I try to find a place that’s simple, like the end of Long Wharf in Sag Harbor. Water, horizon, and sky; that’s all I need.

Sometimes I go in search of a quiet corner of beach, like Sunset Beach in North Haven. There’s nobody around at this time of year.

I return to these spots again and again. This afternoon I could stand the wind and cold for just a few minutes at a time, even wrapped in a big shawl. It was enough to quiet my racing brain, and I came home happy.

Did the pretty pictures distract you enough to keep you from wondering if I still knit? I do — the same socks I started the other day. I hope that I can finish them soon and move on to a few more finishes — there are more socks, a couple of scarves, and a baby sweater waiting for me to take an interest.

14 thoughts on “Calming

  1. I didn’t mean to just mention Steven Longmire – your photos were gorgeous – I just dealt with his book cover more than a few times at work and it popped right out at me.


  2. There is something about the sea that is just calming. I am so lucky to live on an island where I am surrounded by it. It must be the reason why mainlanders all think we are so laid back 🙂


  3. you have to switch your day off – so we can roam together – you always have some great pictures on here … and thanks for picking up all those stitches for me tonight – you made my ripping back much less painful. 😉


  4. Jane, thanks so much for your help with the Japanese Vines scarf. It’s going now … and very addictive.As are you calming ocean photos.I’ve linked you in my latest blog entry. Hope you don’t mind!Are you getting the snow today like we are?? I would love to see photos of the beach/ocean with snow!


  5. That’s what I like about living close enough to the ocean to be there in minutes. Thanks for showing the tip at Sag Harbor. Yesterday, for some reason we looked it up on a map. Just random web wandering. It’s really OUT there. Lovely .. thanks!


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