E is for


Seasons don’t seem to burst here. They arrive slowly, taking their sweet time, and they toy with us in the process. It’s the ocean’s doing, I suppose, something about the currents and the temperature of the water.

Ah, well, there are signs. Slender iris shoots, bright mosses, and deep red ground cover are scattered over the bed next to my walkway. Though the sky is bleak, the air is damp and raw, and the trees are weeks from greening, Spring is emerging bit by bit.

9 thoughts on “E is for

  1. Your post makes me miss the arrival of spring back east. Much as we have to appreciate spring-wise in northern California (daytime temps are already reliably in the 60’s if not warmer) it is that slow stop-and-start of melting snow and the first crocuses that I used to love. Thanks for the memories!


  2. Sweet to see the “E is for”. Your Iris shoots are up, too. Yay! Some of mine flowered but they are always early and this is California. The hail we had the other afternoon did crush the one open blossom of the tall Bearded Iris. Happily the little tulips are blooming and didn’t get flattened.The new scarf is so beautiful. That yarn is always hard to get hands on. It really does look like a fire. Beautiful stuff!Hurry on Spring!


  3. just to let you know that i found your hedgerow socks on ravelry. i have just finished them in seawool and they are th nicest socks i have knitted to date . the pattern was so easy to follow and i liked the pattern down the heel. while knitting i went back and read all your blog entries . so i feel like a peeping tom that had better announce herself. i have had a lovely knit and read and your blog is now a favorite.thank you diane (from australia ex new york)


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