About time

Saturday morning…

Sunday morning…

Wisteria time!

I was a bit melancholy the other day, but it’s passed. There’s always so much to do, and lately it seems as though there’s not enough time left in the day for me to stop and just be. I’m working on it. One step at a time, right?

There is a transformation taking place just outside my door — the explosion of the wisteria is an annual event that never fails to delight me — so I’m asking it to twine itself around my heart, make me glad, and bloom any leftover blues away.

Today, though, I’m needed at work. One of the two people scheduled has a fever of 104, so I’ll be going in to take his place. I’m not pleased, or even resigned. Resigned will come later, when I get there. Grumpy will catch up with resigned, because I’d planned on spending the afternoon with Judy and family. Wait…grumpy just arrived as I typed that last sentence. I’ll get up and get on with it, then, and let the wisteria work its magic!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you wonderful women, to my own little Gig, to my sisters, and to Judy — I’m sending a hug and a kiss!

9 thoughts on “About time

  1. pooh bah on having to work on your day off – Glad that the wisteria is tickling your soul. I love them too. Incredible flowers that delight us. May they sparkle all the way through to that dear heart of yours.know that your are loved today 🙂


  2. Will you be able to swap out with that person when he/she is healthy again?! Here the azaleas are finally out – they’re the bit of spring that delights me.


  3. God, we missed you! The girls got a little teary when it turned out you couldn’t come at all. They were holding out for a late arrival.We saved the artichokes for you, so you’ll just have to come this coming weekend.


  4. Yes, Boo! as rho said. That’s why MD should be a real (underline that) national holiday. Everyone gets it off, end of story, a day of rest.


  5. Wisteria! One whiff of that fragrance can be like Proust’s madeleine. I’m sorry you got pulled away from your Sunday. But I see they saved the artichokes for you. Yaay Judy!


  6. You’re just getting your wysteria? How crazy. the bloom here is over – now we’re into rose season. Love the big yummy tender late spring roses. Love them!Love you, too.


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