A few adjustments

I don’t know where I’ve been, either. Sitting here on a quiet Sunday afternoon could make me think – almost, but not quite – that life is the same old same old. Or that all I have to do is the usual laundry, knitting, and puttering. No, but I wish it were so.

I am stopping by to visit my other life for a minute, to say hello to the blog, to the portal to the world I feel detached from. There is nothing about the state I am in that I can express, so I don’t write. This isn’t an especially or a completely bad state; it’s just that it’s got all my attention and I can’t seem to turn away long enough to visit this life.

My job is demanding. Me, I am also demanding. My knitting is demanding. I rise to the various occasions, and I make adjustments, but I don’t write about them.

One good thing I can tell you: I am sitting here writing on a little MacBook, a birthday present to myself, and a needed upgrade from my aging Dell laptop. I am infatuated, as many people are when they take it out of the box and open it up. There is so much to get used to, and yet so much that is familiar, so the transition doesn’t seem all that daunting. I’m not a Mac vs. Windows person – I just want the tool that will work the best for me. And that it is so sweet and has so many bouncy, happy, clever things going on in its operating system? More fun is not a problem.

All, literally all of my knitting is Stealth Knitting. All of it. I have the Ember over Flame shawl and the Mossy Hedgerows, and a few other things, still in various states, but the Stealth Knitting comes first. Yarn keeps arriving at my feet, most of it from the yarn enchantress Sundara. Fiber rolls out of boxes, too (though it’s not yet photographed), from Jen at Spirit Trail Fiberworks. Annabelle rejoices at every rustle of tissue paper (she loves it so much that I have to wonder about her), and I take in the bounty.

So that’s my story, for the time being. In a few minutes Judy and the Beautiful R’s will be pulling into the driveway. They’re bringing dinner, and Sock Model R has another birthday present for me, and we’ll end my birthday week the way it began – with a little party and lots of laughter!

Yarn photos are: Sundara Sock Yarn in Tangier Night, Rhubarb Crisp, Green Twig Tea, and Sea Green over Willow. The final photo is three skeins of Sundara Yarn Aran Silky Merino in Ruby Port, which is the final shipment of the Autumn Seasons Club. I think I see a Tuscany Shawl from No Sheep for You.

12 thoughts on “A few adjustments

  1. happy birthday week – you know my feelings on bdays – each year the celebration gets longer 😉 enjoy your MacBook — good present to yourself — I LOVE presents to myself


  2. Happy Birthday! I’ve been wondering how you’re doing, not that I’ve been all that regular with my posts either. The yarn is beautiful!


  3. Happy Birthday! I hope your week goes well, and with only as much stress as you can handle.I’m happy to see that the Green Twig Tea went to a good home. My computer was too slow that day to order but I so enjoyed Sundara’s latest colors.Angie


  4. Ah, the summer crowds will be arriving soon (listen for the collective sigh, and a small groan).Joyous birthday wishes, my friend.Sundara’s yarn is spectacular. I have some marinating in my stash that has been loudly calling my name for awhile now… May you have a blessedly peaceful week.


  5. A special birthday augmented with beautiful fiber and stealth knitting, and documented on a happy and cooperative little MacBook that’s all your own… I like how you take care of yourself, my friend. Thank you for poking your head in here and sharing a little of your life with us. May is here, and it has a way of bringing good things.


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