At last

Random thoughts: It feels like Spring at last.

Posting about my mom’s birthday made me whip into action. I made these sweet little face cloths in just a couple of evenings, and sent them off this morning with a bar of handmade goat’s milk soap. Gig is going to love them.

Jennifer of Spirit Trail Fiberworks sent me this beautiful Ixchel Prime Alpaca, and I’m designing a scarf pattern that I hope to have ready for her booth at MDS&W. I know there’s not much time. Humor me.

Did I mention that it finally feels like Spring around here?

11 thoughts on “At last

  1. Indeed it feels like spring is here – today we hit 70 in Chicago & in fact, as I type I have a window open here in the living room. What a sweet gift for your Mom. I look forward to seeing what you design for that beautiful looking yarn.


  2. I really like the idea of the face cloths. Did you use just a 100% cotton yarn? I have many skeins of cotton that are about a worsted weight and this might be what I can use them for. Suggestions???


  3. Spring! What beautiful pictures – thoughtful gifts for your mother, gorgeous green alpaca from Jen, and shots of real spring actually happening. It arrived here yesterday and we’re all still in shock. I look forward to seeing your project in Jen’s booth next month! 😉


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