G is for


My mother’s name is Gloria, but her family nickname is Gig. All of her grandchildren, and even her children, call her Gig. It suits her.

Here she is in 1971 with her first grandchild, Melody:

And here is Gig with her first great-grandchild, Melody’s little boy. This picture was taken in 1995:

Sitting here, I can hear our voices — five children, twelve grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, family, and friends* — as we say her name. It always has a happy sound.

This is my mother’s birthday week. She’s doing well, and I hear she’s enjoying the warm weather. I’m sure she’d like a visit from her wayward knitting daughter, and I hope I can get to see her soon.

Happy birthday, Gig!

*I counted three times. I hope I didn’t miss anyone!

11 thoughts on “G is for

  1. A sweet tribute to your mother. Here’s to a wonderful birthday celebration for her and all the loved ones gathered round her. Beautiful photos of her, too. Lovely..


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