I’m finally making myself a pair of Hedgerows. This is Sundara Sock in the Seasons Club Autumn color “Mossy.” It is incredible. I am a very happy sock knitter. Thank you, Sundara!

I haven’t been able to part with the original pair, though they are meant to be, need to be on the feet of a Dear and Remarkable R. Now, I think I can let go.

This is the square heel of a Wishbone Sock. Sweet. I think I’ll do more of these.

There are many reasons why I could be flying off in all directions, but instead I am in a good, good place. It’s very warm and peaceful, here in my knitting. I have so many plans, and ideas, and …

10 thoughts on “Bliss

  1. Love the wishbone sock, AND… the pictures of your very own Hedgerows have saved me some angst dear friend. I was sure there was a mistake along the heel, but no, it’s correct. There are mistakes in that first sock but I’m not telling where. lo)


  2. Thanks for the preview of the Wishbone sockI am on row 5 of the first repeat of the pattern – nice to see the finished product – and yes it was your website that started me on that pair!Next two pairs will include a Hedgerow pair I am sure… My second set is replacing a pair that walked away on my sisters feet.


  3. It is 5 a.m. and here is my train of thought… oooou. Pretty. Wishbone sock? Where is wishbone sock? Pattern? google… wishbonesock wishbonesock … where is wishbonesock … ravelry??? must find wishbonesock. Piecework??? What???Borders doesn’t open until 10 a.m.! The internet is a dangerous place. 🙂 Please save me.


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