H is for


I am healing. It’s a slow process, and I’m tender and tentative. I’m learning this lesson day by day: it can’t be rushed. What was I saying about slow and steady? Today is better than yesterday, each day.

The process is made easier by all the love and hope and healing thoughts that have been making their way to my heart. Do you know those commercials with the cell phone customer, and the crowd behind him/her that is the network? That’s me, only I have an army of knitters at my back. An army. I can’t begin to tell you how much you all mean to me. I’ve been sitting here trying, but it’s impossible, and “thank you” seems so small next to all you’ve said.

Your blessings are everywhere around me, and growing. So healing I am, with your help!

There should be knitting progress to report soon. I’m about three repeats away from finishing this sweet little scarf that I’m knitting for Jen’s Spirit Trail booth. Then it’s back to the Tuscany shawl for a little more healing energy, and on to a new pair of socks.

13 thoughts on “H is for

  1. Sweet Jane,Of course we are behind you just as we are next to you, dear friend. Those healing vibes are cruising to you from all over!Glad you are better minute by minute & day by day.Can’t wait to see your STF scarf!Sharon’s H suggestions are terrific – Natalie & Jeremy particularly love the hairball one ^ .. ^XOXO from us


  2. Many healing thoughts sent to you via the tin foil hat, for safety, and the knitting needle antenna made especially for the purpose. (more powerful!) Lots of Love coming that-a-way, too,for big sister and you.


  3. hoorah for healing.I love that you are going slow and steady (remember that the tortoise wins the race :-)gentle cyber hugs, and a smooch on your cheek for courage.


  4. You are in my prayers Jane. I read your blog, have been so inspired by your knitting, and share your love of our Long Island. I am not one who comments but please know I am sending good thoughts and prayers your way.


  5. Some days I could just kick myself for not staying up on my blog list. Today is not a day for self-recriminations 😉 I’m getting out the tin foil hat with knitting needle antenae (Egad I love this image!)I’m joining the crowd behind you.


  6. Oh dear sweet Jane,How could I be so out of the loop? My thoughts are with you, believing that healing will transform to healed. Gentle Hug,Rosi


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