Sleepy Sunday

It’s been a long time since I’ve had an actual social life. I began to be able to count the times I did something just for fun out in the world (and I’m talking within about a ten-mile radius) on half of one hand. What I had was a life centered around and dependent upon my health (either my treatment schedule or my level of fatigue dictated all). All that is beginning to change.

After work yesterday I headed over to Judy’s house to help celebrate her mother’s 95th birthday. Yes, 95th. I love Louise like another mother, so this was a real family event. The Remarkable R’s spent a good deal of time petting my new hair (“It’s so soft! Like a puppy!”), and we all had a grand time talking and enjoying a good meal and watching Louise take it all in. By the time I got home I was done in, though. Boy, was I happy to turn out the lights.

This evening I’m heading back to Sag Harbor to celebrate my friend Sarah’s birthday, but I’m ready for this one. I took a nap this afternoon!

It’s been a perfect early fall day — cool, breezy, nap-inducing. I did the laundry, got the grocery delivery, did the dishes, and knit a little on the second half of the second Rosy Hedgerow sock. I’d be finished by now, but at knitting group the other day I discovered that the heel was about four rows too shallow. Bah.

I’m pondering this new worldliness of mine. I’m pondering a lot these days. So many little things mean so much — hurrying to cross the street (I can do it!), staying up past 9:00 (woo-hoo!), having the energy to spend time with the people I love (priceless).

Speaking of which, I’ll be late if I don’t get up from the computer right now.

12 thoughts on “Sleepy Sunday

  1. The best thing of remission and recovery, is getting back to normal living and day to day stuff. You are doing well on your road to Wellville!


  2. and those of us who love you completely are counting each of these blessings right along with you!Here's to staying up "late" now and then.I am bursting with joy for you – and only a little 'jealous' that I can't pet your new soft hair!!


  3. Pondering is always a good thing!I love the idea of an afternoon that is "nap inducing." Yeah.And loved the pics of Judy's grandma's birthday. She called it a "bash" which I love. At 95, one SHOULD have nothing less than a bash, don't you think?xx


  4. So lovely to hear that you have the energy to hurry across the street, and to enjoy times out and about with friends. Oh Jane, it's so good to hear it. Hope you had a lot of fun on the 20th. *smiles!* and lots of them are wished!


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