Busy as a bee

I’ve been busy today — picking up, chatting on the phone, doing the laundry, getting the grocery delivery, making muffins, and knitting.

Yesterday I skeined the rest of my handspun Bluefaced Leicester and washed it, and this afternoon I began knitting. The scarf I’d planned was too busy for the yarn, so I fooled around experimented swatched until it occurred to me that the simplest pattern would be the best. 2X2 ribbing it is, then. The fabric is soft and drapey and has a high squoosh factor. 

I think I’ve satisfied my urge to start something new, once again, and so I might get back to work on my sweater tonight. 

It’s been completely quiet here today, when I haven’t been interacting with a person. Annabelle snores, of course, and I talk to her as if she’s going to respond, but otherwise I’ve enjoyed the quiet of no television or music or audiobook. I need that every once in a while!

8 thoughts on “Busy as a bee

  1. Love the colors and I can almost feel the squishiness of the yarn! I know just what you mean about the quiet, unfortunately, here that is no an option.


  2. Beautiful yarn, and I love the 2×2 rib pattern. It does knit up to be so nice and smooshy! One of my cats kind of snores too, but she really sounds like she's half wheezing/snoring. I find it comforting to listen to her.


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