Budding fortune

I went wandering again today, but not far. I guess everyone knows by now that I love to visit Long Beach, on Little Peconic Bay near Sag Harbor (it has another, more official name, but Long Beach is just what it is). Ever since I moved here in 1993, this place has been a kind of touchstone for me. It was windy today — loud and blustery, not cold but brisk. I got a good dose of it.

Back at home, in my own back yard, I found a lot of activity. The forsythia are about to burst.

The maple trees are, too.

And the dear, sweet wisteria that twines around the top of my stairs and makes me so happy (unless it decides to try to grow through my door in mid-summer) is just beginning to think about Spring.

This little leaf bud looks like some sort of bug, don’t you think?

I’m still working away on my cardigan, but who wants to see a lumpy pile of yarn covered with a halo of cat hair? Sometimes I wonder why Annabelle isn’t bald. To break it up a little, and because monogamous knitting is not something I can manage to maintain (forgive me, members of the Yarn Church), I began a new pair of socks. This is Ann Budd’s lovely Celebrate Spring pattern, in Sundara’s sock yarn, Sage over Butter.

I’ve also been — gasp! — spinning a little. I’ve decided to try to spin more, and only on my Reeves wheel. I’ve never really used it enough, and so I’m not completely confident on it. I’m not making any rules here, just establishing an intention.

The Knitter’s Book of Wool Woolalong fiber for this month is Bluefaced Leicester, so I spun up eight ounces of dyed Superwash BFL top from Jen at Spirit Trail Fiberworks. If I finish plying the whole batch I might make something like a Morning Surf Scarf, which I think would work with this yarn.

My spinning ability has suffered a bit this past year. I don’t notice it all the time, but there’s some lingering neuropathy in my hands that doesn’t affect my knitting (except that it slows me down a little). I notice it when I’m spinning, though. It’s a good thing I don’t mind, and that lumpy handspun is just as pretty (to me, at least) as smooth, even yarn. The spinning’s the thing. I love to spin and listen to an audiobook, or to just the whir of the wheel. And the Reeves, though it’s so big and daunting, is a joy to have and use. It’s made so well, with thought and craftsmanship in every detail. I’m a fortunate spinner!

13 thoughts on “Budding fortune

  1. Remember when lumpy handspun was what we aspired to??? (the 70s, I think!) Maybe we should have a spin-a-thon on easter and teach the girls a thing or two!!


  2. What lovely bud-dy photos Jane! My forsythias are in the same stage as yours; expectant! I absolutely ADORE the way you posed your new socks–they look like they are growing (no pun intended) there. Looks like a pretty pattern!Glad you're back to spinning again. And blogging! I missed your photos and your words when there were gaps of months in-between.


  3. I like that the yarn for your socks and your handspun are in the colors as the budding trees :)(Psst: I can't spin anything but lumpy yarn !)


  4. The anticipation of spring seen in the buds waiting to blossom must make each spring morning an event to look forward to. Lucky you.


  5. Isn't Spring wonderful. For rejuvenating our spirits and our mind as well as all the new life budding out and just the fact that life begins anew every year, for all of us. I like the look of your new socks, and the color is very fitting for Spring. As to the spinning, I'm just glad you are enjoying yourself. How boring would it be if all spinners spun perfect yarn all the time? The fun is in the spinning, and then we get to play with our yarns. LOLHave a great day. 🙂


  6. Things are just starting to sprout and bloom here too, although a little bit ahead of your location. There's something renewing about everything coming back to life after the winter. That's the perfect yarn choice for your Celebrate Spring socks!


  7. Yay for being able to spin again! I know all about the neuropathy stuff.. and indeed it slows us down, but slow and unique is just fine with me!


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