Low tide, stillness

I was out and about today: to the store to fiddle with a computer, to Sag Harbor to get the mail, and to my favorite place, Long Beach near Sag Harbor. This time I parked on the North Haven side, just because. The tide was out, and the pebbled beach was a good place for a little walk on this fine day.

The still water, blue sky, and beautiful sunshine on my face were just what I needed.

The closer I looked, the more I saw…

A world, right there, uncovered by the pull of the moon.

There’s a lot going on at the edge of the bay, and I’m glad I stopped by for a visit.

I’m still having a great time knitting the sweater — in a little while I’ll go knit on the seed stitch border at the bottom, then it’s on to the neckband, and then the sleeves. At the moment it’s a big lump of knitting, so I won’t get a good photo until the body is completed. The colors in the yarn are still shifting beautifully, and I’m pleased with my decision not to bother alternating skeins.

Sweater knitting has helped me focus on something quietly repetitious, and on what has been going on in my head. I’m past the serious pondering, and back to the regular run-of-the-mill stuff (What’s for dinner? Will I get a chance to rearrange the art table today? Can I find the time to spin some BFL for this month’s Knitter’s Book of Wool Woolalong, or do I have some yarn?). This is life!

12 thoughts on “Low tide, stillness

  1. Wow…Did you take those photos with the iPhone or a digital camera. Those came out great. It started as a great beach day. Then it got too chilly.


  2. What great photos! I love the composition of the second one in particular. You are right, when the tide goes out a whole new world lies exposed. I love to catch the beach at low tide. I am so busy looking down though I need to watch where I am going! LOL. Loved your words:"A world, right there, uncovered by the pull of the moon."A return to normalcy is indeed a very good thing. Something we don't appreciate until we don't have it anymore.


  3. Wow, these are beautiful! A whole world of bi-valves, going with the flow of the tides.I should learn how to knit, you are right. A quiet meditative practice that produces lovely things would be a great undertaking for me.I should always listen to you.


  4. I just love your pictures.And it makes me wonder if you have been doing any painting any more?If I had been closer I would have strolled with you too – I love the ocean.Normal thoughts. Isn't that just a heavenly place to be!


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