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I knew I would start another Baktus, but it took me a few days to decide on the yarn. This is Sundara Fingering Silky Merino in “Slow Sunset,” which was a gift to me when I was sick, and I’ve been saving it for the right project. I think I’m making this one for someone I’ve been missing lately, and I hope she’ll like it.

Since I had to start over last time, this time I remembered to measure the yarn first, and divide it in half. The label says the skein is 500 yards, but I wound almost 650 — I know Sundara is generous, with her yardage and many other things, but wow! — and I’m so pleased that now I can knit and knit and knit until I’m done.

I’m staying close to home today, something I must do on my days off if I’m going to make it through the summer. This is such a busy, important time at work; it always is, every year. But I wish I could jump in the car and go to Judy’s house. I wish I had made a plan. I wish I weren’t so tired, and that I didn’t feel like I have to rest first and put fun second. Next time, next summer, I’ll add it to the schedule.

Today, though, I’ll cheer up about having a day to put my feet up and rest, drink iced green tea with limeade, and knit on this beautiful scarf. I’ll watch A Capitol Fourth like I always do, and I’ll smile as I miss my family and remember all the times we went down to the Mall to watch the fireworks.

(One time our big brother drove us downtown, to the far edge of the Tidal Basin, and we found a place to sit in the deep darkness, under the big trees where the ground was hard and cool under my bare feet. Another time, years later, I sat on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial with Judy and Peter. It was the Bicentennial, and everything was bigger that year. Ah, good times!)

I hope your Fourth is capital, too!

8 thoughts on “Next time

  1. Your knitting is lovely. The colors are so very pretty.We will go to Riverbend, the Cincinnati Pop's summer home, to enjoy "Red, White, and Boom" tonight. In years past, we would come home after the concert at Riverbend and watch the rerun of "A Capitol Fourth" with Erich Kunzel conducting. Erich was our Cincinnati Pops conductor for many years and we "loaned" him to the National Symphony on the Fourth of July each year. Sadly, Maestro Kunzel died of cancer last year. Enjoy your evening! Happy Fourth!Lois


  2. Sounds like a perfect day to me. The mall is best remembered rather than experienced today. It's over 100 degrees down there, dusty, humid … just AWFUL. Happy 4th and much love to you, dear sister. Shalom.


  3. OH! Beautiful yarn! I just love the color and the name suits it perfectly.We are having a firecracker hot day here as I'm sure you are! WHEW. At least the humidity hasn't kicked in yet.Loved your memories of good years gone by… Happy 4th, Jane!


  4. Lovely Baktus! It's been a quiet holiday here. We got together with friends last night for dinner and fireworks. Tonight, DH and I grilled steaks and had a nice, quiet dinner. Perfect!


  5. Lovely colors! (Excellent yardage – enjoy the extended knitting!)I have done DC fireworks exactly twice: once because I could and once because I had to prove I was out of my mind – the heat! the traffic! the crowds!! Oh my.


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