Ten on Tuesday: Where I Live

Ten things I like about where I live:

 1. My little home.

2. The beach at the ocean.

3. The beach on the bay.

4. Small-town-ness.

5. Friends nearby.

6. Local berries.

7. Big sky.

8. Beautiful light.

9. Inspiration.

10. All the seasons.

11 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Where I Live

  1. I think I'd agree with every one of them. I do so envy you the ocean. I grew up by the sea and now live in a land-locked country – we have beautiful lakes, but it just isn't the same!!


  2. I have to admit, I could list the same likes for myself, except for the ocean. In the mountains there are big lakes, but few beaches and no ocean waves. But I still agree with your list of 10 things. Take care. 🙂


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