All grown up

This is a picture of five of my many nieces, taken in July 1991. I found it stashed in a drawer, and it’s been making me smile. 

They’re all grown up now, in their twenties, and out in the wide world. One even has a family of her own. They’re remarkable women, and when I look at this picture I see it in their little-girl faces. I’m proud to be their auntie!
I blocked Herbivore this morning — it’s been perfect blocking weather, comfortable and breezy — and it dried in no time.
I think I’ll wear this scarf a lot this winter.

The rest of my Sunday off was spent enjoying the weather, knitting on a little baby hat for a friend, and relaxing. The August People have arrived, and it’s nothing but full-on intensity at the bookstore from now until Labor Day. I can handle it as long as I have lots of simple knitting at my fingertips. I’m thinking about a Ruffled Baktus

… Or Hawthorne, from the new issue of Twist, but it might be a bit complicated for this time of year. Plus, I was sure I had the yarn called for in my stash, but I must have been dreaming. Oh well.

Wishing you a week of perfect weather and knitting that never frustrates!

5 thoughts on “All grown up

  1. I'm not really ready for summer to be over yet, though I've really noticed the days getting shorter and there's no denying it, but I am sort of missing choosing/wearing my daily scarf/shawl/neckwarmer. ; )


  2. Herbivore looks so easy to wear! And I love Hawthorne! Wow, what a gorgeous pattern, but over my ability level.Summer is flying by! We'll be wearing scarves again all too soon.Enjoy, Jane!


  3. Love the photo of your nieces! They grow so quickly. . . it's nice to check back to see "who they were" once in a while. Enjoy the last bit of summer. August always seems to go by so fast.


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