Ten on Tuesday: Road trip!

This week’s Ten on Tuesday topic is “Ten Things to Take on Vacation.” Vacation? I’ve almost forgotten what one is! No, not really, but my time off never happens at a “traditional” time of year, like Summer or Thanksgiving or Christmas. That’s when I’m busiest at the bookstore. So I take my days when I can grab a few, usually in the Fall or early Spring. 

I love a good road trip. What do I pack?

  1. Knitting. An easy-peasy project, plus one that requires a little more attention. And maybe one more, just in case.
  2. My iPod and iPhone. There are always a few audiobooks on mine, along with my music.
  3. A book to read, not just listen to. And a book of crossword puzzles to help me fall asleep at night.
  4. The basics, like my toothbrush and toothpaste, and enough underwear.
  5. My own pillow, if possible. If I’m staying in a hotel, the pillows are not always comfy enough.
  6. My laptop. I like being connected. I just do.
  7. My camera, along with the cord that connects it to the laptop, and a spare battery. I don’t want to miss anything.
  8. The GPS that Judy gave me for Christmas after I got lost in The Bronx on the way home from the KR Retreat last year. It’s as much for her peace as it is for my peace of mind, since a panicked call to her office that ends up with a coworker giving me turn-by-turn directions to find my way out of there should happen only once.
  9. Warm socks and gloves and an extra sweater. If I’m driving, what’s an extra tote bag or two? I want to be warm enough. And if I get lost in The Bronx again, I won’t freeze.
  10. A little bag of trail mix, apples, crackers, and stuff like that. And water. See rationale behind #9, above. You just never know. 

    11 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Road trip!

    1. Excellent list. I leave Thursday for a 10 day adventure with my husband-driving from eastern Wisconsin across MN to Mt. Rushmore. Your list has helped-I need the knitting and a simple embroidery project and lots of camera equipment plus all the cords and 'stuff' to download photos each night. We're going on a 'photo safari'-thanks for making me think ahead!


    2. Great list! I struggled as it has been quite a while since I had a vacation that didn't include lugging plenty of work along with me. All the things that came to mind first were work related, LOL!


    3. I hate traveling without my pillow! It's special and has neck support, and without it, I start to have a lot of neck pain.


    4. your list looks a great deal like my own. my husband and I just returned from a very long road trip from NYC to Nova Scotia. I took along plenty of road trip knitting, but since I did the driving not so much knitting happened. ;)and Reya asks a good question! how *did* you get that photo?


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