Ten on Tuesday: Mood Lifters

This week’s Ten on Tuesday is all about lightening your mood…

 1. Buy yourself a nice bouquet of flowers.

2. Get a little love from the cat. Even if she won’t let you pick her up and give her a squeeze, she loves you.

3. Have some comfort food. One of my favorites is a nice bowl of Cream of Wheat, because my grandmother used to make it for us.

4. Enjoy a sunset by the water.
5. Watch a favorite movie. I like Meet Me in St. Louis, even when it’s not Christmas time.
6. Listen to some good music that makes you smile. For me, that’s The Weepies.
7. Rest. Don’t climb into bed and never leave, just close your eyes for a little while. When I was sick I learned how to rest, and it’s served me well. Our bodies and spirits need it, especially when we’re overwhelmed or blue.
8. Look up.
9. Have a knitting-in-your-pajamas day.

10. Celebrate yourself. Don’t ever forget to do that. ♥

11 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Mood Lifters

  1. I am all for celebrating #10and in this case celebrating Jane who has tackled and accomplished so much.and I love love love love your sand signature.XXXOOO


  2. I totally agree with all 10. During the Summer months, I have my flower gardens, but in Winter, I often will buy a bouquet of flowers. It really does make Winter less cold and nasty. And I am going to have to try that knitting in my PJ's day. Never done that, and it's about time I do. LOL You're quite the philosopher Jane, and right on!! 🙂


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