Ten on Tuesday: Summer’s End

End of Summer

This week’s ToT topic is “Ten Things to Do Before the End of Summer.” For me, summer just ended. Labor Day weekend was it. Though on this half of the planet summer will last for a couple more weeks, my long, stressful season has passed. My thoughts are happily turning to the next one. Here’s my list of some things I’d like to do:

  1. Go to the ocean while the water and the sun are still warm. I can do that now that beach permits aren’t needed and the crowds are gone. September is the best-kept secret about the East End of Long Island!
  2. Clean. There are neglected corners in my apartment — at least four of them!
  3. Sort the yarn stash. The Knitter’s Review Retreat will be here before I know it, and I want to do a serious assessment of my yarn and fiber so I can take some worthy skeins to the Stash Lounge.
  4. Take the big down comforter outside for some air while the days are still long enough, and before I need to get under it in a cold snap.
  5. Once and for all, take the bags of unused clothes (that I sorted months ago!) to the donation drop-off.
  6. Go out to dinner. At a restaurant. With other people. This is something I never have time to do in the summer, and all the restaurants are too crowded, anyway. I have a date with Judy and the R’s this week, as a matter of fact!
  7. Take the car to get an oil change and a check-up. It’s time.
  8. Speaking of check-ups, make an appointment for my annual mammogram. Have you had yours?
  9. Relax and enjoy the turning of the season. I love the way fall arrives a little abruptly here. One day it will be warm and muggy, and the next it will be crisp and the leaves will have turned.
  10. Open the sock drawer and see if there are any sad pairs that should be retired from the rotation. If there are, think about knitting more! — after all, the real name of the next season is Knitting Season!

7 thoughts on “Ten on Tuesday: Summer’s End

  1. #8 is on my list, too, and I did #6 today – a full carload to the Goodwill, including things I cleared out of kitchen cabinets during spring cleaning.


  2. Ooh, the sock drawer. Mine is getting hard to close. I need to get rid of more of the lingering store bought pairs and dive for handknits that need darning.


  3. What a perfect list! (I have four corners like that, too. . .) Enjoy a glorious September! Oh – and my mammogram is set for next Monday – yippee! 🙂


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