Just like today

Errands, Long Beach, housekeeping, knitting.

Just a typical day off, nothing special. Ho-hum.
I’d like all my days off to be days like today, please!

Random things that are rattling around in my head:
  • Rhinebeck is just over three weeks away! Road trip with the girls!
  • I have started doing some Christmas knitting and shopping, which is not at all like me.
  • Yesterday’s Ten on Tuesday was a wake-up call. What is sour milk doing taking up space in my fridge? And more important, why did I tell the world about it?
  • There’s a little house that I pass on my way to Sag Harbor that I have dreamed about living in since I moved here in 1993. It’s tucked under the trees, right on Noyac Road. Why doesn’t anyone live there? What is its story? Today I went as far as deciding that a few trees would need to come down so there would be more light inside. Edited to add: This is the house on Google Street View. Isn’t it darling?
  • Days off should last longer than 24 hours, especially if they are days like today.

11 thoughts on “Just like today

  1. Looks like a house Hansel & Gretel would live in. So cute. It was a glorious day at Jones Beach today also. Weren't we lucky to have this day off?


  2. I know that house and it's always reminded me of a weekend house in the mountains. Which I guess is my idea of a vacation house. But that house has probably been here a while and Noyac was a vacation spot deep in the woods back then. I love imagining the history behind old houses! Rhinebeck is not in my future this year, as we have a wedding that weekend in NYC, I long for a day to myself, and am ashamed to say I haven't been to a beach (like actually getting out of my car, not just parking for a bit) in a couple of weeks! I'll be thinking of all of the lucky knitters that weekend.


  3. It's a darling house. Why does it sit there, empty? Do they know someone loves it and watches over it whenever she passes by? I wish I had magic powers – although the street name would need a little work.


  4. That darling hidden house is probably left there by the State Road making people on land they probably own…a bit of local history tied to it. There is a darling Toll House on Rte 7 near Leesburg, VA that was moved a little father down the road and saved as part of the local history. Modern day making of highways does change the neighborhoods.


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