String Theory Caper Sock “Oban”

At first, I was going to make just one Multnomah. I needed to knit something that was simple, soothing, and that made sense. Most of all, it had to help me as Annabelle was leaving. I knit and knit, with my little cat by my side. Before long it was finished, and it helped dry my tears.

Sundara Sock “Through the Woods”

Then I needed travel knitting as I went to see my mom, so I worked on some Hedgerow socks for my friend Reya. I’m still working on them. Somewhere in there I worked on an Allegan Cardigan from The Knitter’s Book of Wool, but that’s another story.

Sundara FSM “Beach Pebbles”

And then… I didn’t know what to do when my mother died. One day, when my sisters and I were discussing ways we could “represent” our mom at the memorial service, we talked about her favorite colors. She loved blues and purples and the color that Crayola calls Periwinkle. We decided to wear a color that Gig would like, so it came to me — another Multnomah. I had the right yarn (it was already being made into this, but I frogged it without hesitation) and I had enough time (about ten days).

I loved every minute that I spent knitting. Again, it soothed me, gave me focus, and helped me to feel like I was doing something. On the day of the memorial, it felt so good to wear the little shawl that I’d made, along with my mother’s pearl necklace.

I’m very grateful for Sundara and her artful colors. More than once — many times — she has created a color that becomes part of my story. My mother would have loved this Beach Pebbles Multnomah, too.

What am I working on now? I needed a project to take with me on my journey to the service and the wonderful visit I had with my family. It begins with an M and ends with an H…

11 thoughts on “Repetitive

  1. I'm so happy that you knit. Not only do you create beautiful things, but it really does help you.No doubt your missing Gig and Annabelle. No doubt. YOu have a beautiful heart that beats, yes? Of course you do.Sending love


  2. What wonderful therapeutic knitting, Jane. I am sure every time you wear the first Multnomah you will think fondly of Annabelle. Knit while Annabelle was at your side, I am certain you even included a few precious hairs as you knitted along, making it even more special.And, when you wear your periwinkle ( I LOVE that color name and the color ) shawl you will be wrapped up in dear memories of your sweet Gig. I think you knit all your love and memories right into these works of wearable art. How wonderful.Sending you many XXXXXOOOOO's


  3. Beautiful post, Jane. Knitting is so therapeutic in so many ways – particular patterns, colors, textures evoke memories and give meaning to the repetitive process of knitting. I wish you peace and comfort…and always, always happy knitting.


  4. How fortunate you are to have had such love in your life. Through knitting will always be wrapped in the love that you shared with Gig and Annabelle. Your expression of grief is inspiring. My sympathies.


  5. It has been a very rough few months for you, and I send my deepest sympathies for your losses. I know how thankful I was to have my knitting to help me through the long months my husband was dying with lung cancer, so I know how helpful it was for you knitting your Multnomah shawls. I wasn't knitting the same shawl during my times of stress and heartache, but close enough. I worked on a Feather & Fan shawl. Must be something about that wavy pattern that is soothing to our inner selves. I know without a doubt that Annabelle and Gig are with you still, in your heart, where they will never leave you. 🙂


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