Not my cat

I’m looking after Robbie this week, while my landlords are away. He is exceptionally cute and squishy and silly. He spends his time waiting for voles, or lounging on the deck, or peering in my door. When he visits he is a gentleman, polite and not too nosy.

Robbie has also opened my eyes: I need a cat. I miss warm fur. I miss having a little soul to care for and talk to. I miss purrs and mews. I miss having a creature winding around my feet as I work in the kitchen. I miss having a reason to go home, and I miss the love. Soon, soon.


16 thoughts on “Not my cat

  1. Oh Jane, amen and amen again. Just by being, cats have a way of pulling so much beauty and richness out of us. May your new furry spirit find you soon.


  2. I so understand your need for another cat. Only you can decide the when and which one. (Well, that was a clumsy sentence!) But really: Annabelle would understand. When the right one comes along you'll know.XXXOOO


  3. I have a lot of cat pictures like the last one, too. Knitting and cats are a background fabric to our lives, each giving comfort in their own way.


  4. When we lost our dear Jake (the Wonder Dog) four years ago (almost exactly), I thought I would never, ever be ready for a "replacement." But it didn't take long before my dear Jenny entered the scene. And she isn't a "replacement." She is her own wonderful self — different in every way (except the canine part) from Jake.Sometimes I'm amazed at how much our hearts can really hold.You'll know when the time is right.Hugs.


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