Two birthdays

Sunset • Long Beach • Sag Harbor • 4/24/11

The first is the one my mother gave me, fifty-six years ago today. The second is the one made possible by Dr. Pearl, some very powerful medicine, and my own perseverance: two years of No Cancer. My birthdays share the same week, and almost the same day, so it makes sense that I’ve spent this week pondering.

I’ve been thinking about my mom, and all the birthdays she made so special for me, and for my whole family. Her cakes are legendary. I asked Judy to make me a lemon cake for my birthday dinner on Sunday, and she did, and it was amazing. There was also a BookHampton cake on Monday, with candles and everything. I’m so fortunate to have good friends who are also my family.

I’ve been thinking about Dr. Pearl, too, and all the people who made my second birthday possible. I’m grateful and lucky and still in awe of his artful doctoring (with a nod to my own fortitude). I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: his art and my magic are a powerful combination.

I want to celebrate my two birthdays for years and years to come, so I promise myself that I will wake up every morning and make my life better — somehow, in some small way. Happy birthdays to me.

20 thoughts on “Two birthdays

  1. A very happy birthday, Jane! They must be even more special now, and I like that you try to make your life better every day. We all should do that, and not be so whiny (like I'm today) all the time.Thanks for the reminder!


  2. happy birthday! (mine's next week–but already i have some wonderful presents) and i too, have more than 1 birthday..(a life changing experience birthday–in august that is a private celebration) But sometimes, waking up to a new day is like being born again (do a get a second belly button if i am born again?)


  3. I am so glad you have had both birthdays to celebrate!!! A nice memory of your mom in the cake too….You have to give yourself much more credit for your perserverance through a very tough time. You could have said stop at any time but you got through.


  4. I hope you don't get a case of the terrible 2s (or maybe that you do). You're a toddler; start running about wildly tearing the place apart. Thinking of you a lot recently but haven't been out east for more than 18 hours since January.xo Kay


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