Whatever it wants

There are tiny sprouts of mint leaves in the garden, and I saw an osprey on its nest. Spring must be here somewhere. But today’s sky at Long Beach was heavy and dull, as if it is still winter. Even the wind gave up — on my way past the first time, the water was choppy, with little whitecaps hurrying across the surface. Fifteen minutes later, I stopped to see this: calm water, so calm that I could see the bottom yards and yards out.

Back home in the warm house, it’s been a good day for quiet. Rosemary is sleeping, and I’m finishing some knitting. There’s tea, and Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell are here to sing to me. It can snow if it wants, or rain, or whatever. This is the place to be!

3 thoughts on “Whatever it wants

  1. I need to take the same approach with the freezing fog we have this a.m. Get my cuppa, my handwork, and music…and shut the weather out! 🙂


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