Another really blue day

Montauk Point on a Sunday afternoon…I just love that happy little wisp of a cloud.

Rho and I planned a trip to Purl by the Sea, a newish yarn shop in Montauk. It’s a trek, but I love the drive, especially on a day like today. Well, the yarn shop was closed. Yes, we should have called first, but when the website says “We are open 7 days, 9am to 5pm,” doesn’t it seem reasonable to assume that they’d be open? Oh well.

We found ourselves in Montauk on a spectacular afternoon, so we made up our minds to have fun. We drove out to the lighthouse, had sandwiches in the sun on the observation deck, and I took a few pictures.

On our way back west Rho directed me off the main road to Lazy Point, where she spent many happy times as a child with her aunt and uncle. It’s at the edge of Napeague Harbor, which connects with Block Island Sound. I’d never been there, but I love exploring all the little roads and quiet places. There’s always an interesting house, or an old boat landing, or a newly-occupied osprey nest, or a grass-covered dune just around the next bend.

Our landscape is low and spare, for the most part; but out there, to the east, the hills and dunes are surprising. I love the flat parts, the shallow angles of water to shore to land. I love the big sky, and all the different blues.

And speaking of blues… here are my finished Blue Suede Shoes socks. They are still quite damp in this picture.

::Yarn: Crown Mountain Farms Sock Hop handspun superwash merino.
::Pattern: Simple stockinette, garter-stitch flap heel, round toe.
::Needles: Crystal Palace dpn’s, 2.5mm for the leg and 2.25mm for the heel and foot.

I’m now enjoying this little sock sprout salad of Fleece Artist Sea Wool. The luscious yarn and the Peridot color, along with this little twisted stitch, are a really lovely combination. I’m using Bryspun needles for the first time, too. They’re working well so far.

After one of the most stressful work weeks in a long, long time (and such a long, long story, too!), today’s adventure was just what I needed. It’s finally Spring, I spent some time with a good friend, and I got to be in some of the places that always inspire me. My well is full again.

15 thoughts on “Another really blue day

  1. what Jane said!! It was a fun day and LOOK a blue sky and warm enough to picnic…Too bad about the Yarn Store though they probably would have had a good day with us there 😀


  2. Sweet Jane,Glad you are feeling renewed & refilled.Love the photos & the socks – you know how to hit those homeruns right out of the park, my lovely friend.XOXO


  3. Your post makes me long for summers. As a child we used to stay at the Ronjo and couldn’t wait to get a Lobster Roll 🙂 I really miss Montauk. Sorry you missed the yarn shop but it sounds like you guys had a beautiful day.


  4. Oh look at those blue skies! It’s appropriate that you finished your blue suede socks too. It sounds like a wonderful day in spite of the closed yarn shop.


  5. What a wonderful day! Sometimes refilling the well is just what the doctor ordered.I really like the Bryspuns too. What do you think of them?


  6. It sounds like a wonderfully relaxing day!! Hope work isn’t so stressful this week…The Blue Suede socks are gorgeous!! Hmm, is that an RPM you’re starting?


  7. San Francisco has blue air, too, probably because it’s surrounded on three sides by water. I love that blue air so much … right now DC is a green crystal. Later it will be gold, then kind of thick orange later in the summer. Isn’t this world a beautiful place?


  8. Lovely, lovely, lovely! 🙂 Glad to see that you had such a nice outing, even though the yarn shop was closed. I’ll be mailing your goodies to you this weekend. 🙂


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