Two good things

One: The finished skein of “Happy” Real Vermonter wool/alpaca dyed by Jessie at A Piece of Vermont. I was concerned that I’d spun and plied it too tightly, but now that it’s washed and relaxed, it’s fine.
Now, what to knit, what to knit?

Two: A quart of local strawberries came home with me this evening. No picture, but they’re beautiful and shiny and sweet as can be. I am so lucky to live here, where farming on a small scale seems to be thriving. There are farmsands on nearly every road, and many of the farming families have been here since oh, forever (or maybe only 200 years or so).

I’m hungry for strawberries right this minute, so I’ll leave you with this extra-close view of the extra-good Happy-ness.

13 thoughts on “Two good things

  1. Strawberries already?! Lucky you. Here mine are still only flowering. Enjoy the berries and celebrate your truly beautiful spinning. I’m in love with those colors!


  2. Oh la! That is just the most beautiful yarn. Oh my.We’ve been eating strawberries for weeks now and if they weren’t so durn good I’d almost be getting tired of them. If you ever make strawberry jam, toss in a couple of stalks of lavender. It makes the most magical delicious perfectly heavenly flavor – something you’ve never tasted before. In fact – think I’ll try that myself.happy knitting on that beautiful blue.


  3. That yarn looks like it’s longing to be something gentle and comforting. Perhaps wrist-warmers or gloves with just a bit of cabling in them (that way you could hold them out in front of you whenever you wanted to admire your spinning and knitting). Or maybe a pocketed scarf. (Apparently I’m longing to fondle it–all these hands-based ideas.)


  4. It’s fun to have some history with you, Jane. For instance, I remember last year you posted a pic of strawberry shortcake during this season. Remember?Yummm!!


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