Warm, calm

That damselfly (or its cousin) just seems to like hanging around. Fine with me! And if it’s waiting on those berries, I think it will be a while.

 It’s pretty warm today, and it’s supposed to be warmer tomorrow. I went to Long Beach and sat on a rock, which I highly recommend. Even on a windy day, it’s a peaceful place. Even though the water is so full of energy, I grow calm. And even in the bright mid-day sun, I smile.
Knitting continues on a Revised Baktus. I decided to measure out half the yardage so there won’t be a surprise at the end (as in “Surprise! Not enough yarn!”). Then I decided to start over on 3mm needles, up from 2.75mm. That extra .25mm means more scarf, faster.
If anyone is looking for me for the rest of the day, I’ll be on the couch, feet up, cool seltzer by my side, and Baktus in my hands.

6 thoughts on “Warm, calm

  1. I'm working on a Baktus with yo's to add a little interest. I was happily knitting away on auto-pilot when I stopped to look at it. I had been making the dec's on the wrong edge for about 4 inches! So watch out, even the simplest knits can backfire.


  2. there's just something about the ocean – isn't there. It puts everything back into proper perspective. Glad you are having a good weekend!


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