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When was Rhinebeck — weeks ago? It all went by in a blur. I spent a lot of Saturday “helping” Clara Parkes at her book signing. It was something to see: a line of knitters, all waiting to tell her how much her books mean to them, how they love Knitter’s Review, how they learned this or that from her, how much they love that she shares her morning coffee with us via Twitter and Facebook. Knitters are mostly lovely people, and I got to see mostly loveliness that day. Clara signed all the copies of the book that there were, and there weren’t nearly enough!
The book is, of course, The Knitter’s Book of Socks. Clara asked me to design a pattern, so I did. It came to me on a wintry Sunday morning in Kris’ living room, over a cup of coffee in this cup:
Herend 2010.
The pattern is Hickory, in Sundara Sock Yarn. I’m delighted with how they turned out, and with the way the pattern looks and fits into in this incredible book. We are learning so much from Clara Parkes and her books, and she’s helping us become better knitters — intuitive, knowledgeable knitters. It’s beautiful to see, and that’s one reason why standing with her at that table at Rhinebeck, with the line of better-knitters stretching down the aisle, was such an honor.
On Sunday, Judy and the Remarkable R’s and I made the rounds at Rhinebeck. It was different because they couldn’t be there for both days, but it was still wonderful. I just love our Rhinebeck Tradition. I don’t need yarn, of course, but I brought home a little bit of Guanaco and a pair of glass circular needles to add to my small selection.
I’ve knit a lot since I got home — more hats and some mitts, and a bigger project that’s not ready to show yet. I’ve been working on a design that is about to become a pattern that will eventually become something I hope you might want to knit. Don’t tell anyone, okay?
Man Hats I.  
Man Hats II, and Foxgloves on the needles.

8 thoughts on “Better knitting

  1. I think something like Rhinebeck (or KRR) requires a re-entry period. The yarn fumes overwhelm, seeing friends in person amazes and the brain just reels. Knitting is the perfect anecdote. Congrats on the pattern! Can't wait to see the next one!


  2. Acckkk, this is so cosmic! I was one of the first few to have Clara sign a book, and I believe I said all of the above. (And I wouldn't describe me as lovely,—- it was CLARA!!!!) BUT looking through the book I really decided Hickory was going to be the first one I knit. And it's YOU! WOW!


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