It’s tulip magnolia time…

Even on a hazy day, they’re opening…

Today their branches were the perfect place to pose some of the prizes for my Gynecologic Cancer Foundation fundraiser and giveaway

First are two skeins of Sundara Yarns DK Silky Cashmere (160 yds each, 55% silk & 45% cashmere) in “Spring Fresh,” a color Sundara chose for me. This is one of her newer yarns, and it’s just beautiful. It would make a soft and warm cowl or scarf.

Next is a skein of Sundara Yarns Fingering Silky Merino (500 yds, 50% silk & 50% merino) in “Marina over Icicles,” a yarn that Sundara sent as a little extra prize (Thank you, Sundara!). I’m knitting Anne Hanson’s Boxleaf Triangle shawl with FSM, and I have a “collection” in my stash — I think it’s my favorite (after Sock, of course).

And last, though not posed in a tree, is Beyond the Dunes by Jake Rajs. I want to share this book because it captures the beauty of the many landscapes and the extraordinary light that surround and inspire me. To the rest of the world this place is known as “The Hamptons,” but to those who live here it’s just home, on the East End of Long Island.

To enter the giveaway, leave a comment on my April 4 post by 7:00pm EDT on Wednesday, April 28 (my birthday!). I’ll draw three names at random and contact the winners by email.

I hope you’ll add yours to the (yay!) 64 responses so far, and that you’ll pass the word. With every new comment, I’m revising my idea of what I will be able to give — upward. I’ve never been a “cause” person, but this one, of course, means the world to me. 

Dr. Pearl, Nurse Sylvia, my friends & family, and all of you, aren’t charitable foundations, so one way to spread my gratitude around is to make the biggest donation I can to an organization that does so much for me and for all women. I hope you’ll join in my fun!


In the not-work part of my life, I’ve been spinning like a crazy fool ever since I received some very special fiber from Jen at Spirit Trail Fiberworks. It’s Bluefaced Leicester blended with silk, cashmere, and merino. There will be pictures eventually, but at the moment I’m in too deep to want to stop to take one. For now, take a look at the fifth picture down in this blog post. Now you see what I mean, don’t you? And excuse me as I publish this and get back to spinning while the light is still good!

10 thoughts on “Sur-prizes

  1. I came to say hello because I hadn't been by in so long and then I had t comment because the picture on the book (of the water) looks like lace! I too have "another" anniversary (or as I say rebirthday) so congratulations to you for you landmark day!! I'll spread the word about your post!


  2. I think tulip magnolias are just beautiful! You're lucky to have one in your yard.And that "Spring Fresh" yarn. Oh my. What a gorgeous color!!! Is this yarn available for purchase from them if you don't belong to the yarn club? I love it!Can't wait to see your latest spinning efforts–that fiber is beautiful.I want to wish you a Happy Birthday in advance Jane since we are leaving this weekend for Ireland and France on a a combination business and pleasure trip. Hopefully the old volcano will stay quiet!Happy Happy Birthday Jane!


  3. Magnolias are beautiful and they are among the first trees to be in blossom. We lost ours three years ago to some kind of blight and haven't gotten around to replacing it.After looking at your pictures, I think its about time!And Happy Birthday!


  4. The tulip magnolias are gorgeous!!(I just tweaked my post for today to mention the prize drawing for folks who comment on the April 4th post…)


  5. gorgeous fibers and pics. Today is earth day and also my birthday, we're both 40 today! (well not the earth, lol , but the celebration) Feels like spring/summer!


  6. OOOH I love that book!! If I dont' win it in the drawing, I might have to buy it. My dh's family helped settle the area (the water mill in Water Mill is his grandfather with a bunch of greats in front of it) and he grew up there so anything that shows the nature of the area he loves.


  7. I've never owned a magnolia, but that certainly is gorgeous, and speaks so well of Spring's arrival.Your yarns are drop-dead gorgeous, especially the green, my favorite color. LOLHappy spinning 🙂


  8. stunning yarns – and that book – oh my!And those are some incredible photos of your tulip magnolia…. mine is blooming right now too, and every time I pass it I shall think of you 😉


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